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$265.04 list($399.99)
1. Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 5-Piece
$142.44 $139.99 list($199.99)
2. Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 2-Piece Surround
$56.99 $49.99 list($79.99)
3. Logitech X-530 5.1 5-PieceSystem
$199.88 list($299.99)
4. Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 Digital
$379.99 list($499.99)
5. Spherex 51000 Xbox 6-Piece 5.1
$474.99 $415.97 list($499.99)
6. Creative Labs Gigaworks S750 7
$142.49 $89.95 list($199.99)
7. JBL Encounter 2.1 Multi Media
$259.00 list($399.99)
8. Logitech Z680 5.1 Computer Speakers
$349.99 $309.00 list($399.99)
9. Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Multimedia
$290.69 $249.99 list()
10. Creative Labs MegaWorks THX 6.1
$48.99 list($99.99)
11. Altec Lansing XA3051 5.1 Speakers
$537.59 list($399.99)
12. Creative Labs GigaWorks S700 560-Watt
$151.99 $125.00 list($229.99)
13. Sony SRS-D5100 5.1 Multimedia
$83.59 $75.00 list($49.99)
14. Altec Lansing VS3151W 6-Piece
$78.32 $70.25 list($99.99)
15. Altec Lansing VS3151 6-Piece System
$72.99 list($99.99)
16. Logitech X620 6.1 Computer Speakers
$74.09 $68.04 list($99.99)
17. Creative Inspire T5400 5.1SPEAKER
$59.84 $54.00 list()
18. Creative SBS 5.1 560 Surround
$137.92 list($199.95)
19. Monster Cable PG SSGS-500 Surround
$40.48 list($49.99)
20. Labtech Arena 685 5.1 5-Piece

1. Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 5-Piece Speaker System with Subwoofer
by Logitech
list price: $399.99
our price: $265.04
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002WPSBC
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 500
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System ... Read more


  • 505 watts total system power (62 watts x 4, plus 69-watt center speaker and 188-watt subwoofer)
  • 5.1 speaker system with 4 satellite speakers, center speaker, subwoofer, and Digital SoundTouch control center
  • Connects to PCs, DVD players, CD players, portable MP3 players, and game consoles
  • Digital SoundTouch unit controls volume, surround sound effects, and more
  • Supports Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS 96/24, and Dolby Pro Logic

Reviews (57)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Speakers On The Market Today for the price
Right now these things are shaking my desk so violently that I can barely type. The scary thing is, the volume is only at 50%. You could cause some serious damage with these things. The sonic quality is excellent at all levels. The detail is so great that I can now hear all of the imperfections in my mp3's.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best computer speakers
I've had these speakers for half a year. At first, I was hesitant spending $300 on computer speakers. I haven't regretted it since. These speakers are worth the money. The sound effects are amazing whether you're watching movies or playing games. You won't believe the size (and weight) of the subwoofer. At 1000-Watt peak performance even your next street neighbor will complain about the noise. The volume can be increased/decreased consistently without jumps. Setting volume to whisper-quiet while someone is sleeping in the next room works pretty nicely.

A few accessories you should consider buying (assuming you already have good quality sound card which supports digital out):
1. Digital Coaxial or Fiber Optics cable for digital quality sound.
2. Advanced surge protector which filters power noise. Otherwise you're likely to hear constant background noise from the subwoofer and loud clicking when light switch is flipped.

5-0 out of 5 stars Incredible Audio
I consider myself a big audiophile and nothing is more important than jamming to some high-end tunes while working at my PC on 3d or Flash designs. It was time to trade up the Cambridge Soundworks system I was using for this one and my experience was nothing but great. The package shipped a week early and was so heavy I needed to drag it into the elevator to get it to my apartment. Installation was a breeze and my first taste of DTS from the Gladiator DVD was breath-taking. You cannot beat this price for a set of computer system speakers that will do Dolby Digital and DTS. The only downfall is the fact these speaker manufactures haven't fully integrated Creative Labs Digital DIN plug which means it requires multiple wiring for digital decoding then for analogue to play games via EAX. The sub woofer is bass pounding and it is gigantic. There is no better set of speakers for the price anywhere and shipping was so fast I couldn't believe it.

4-0 out of 5 stars Awsome (after the Sub Woofer loosens-up)
Have had this system for a week now and it performs very well.While it is plug-and-play out of the box (a very LARGE box - 27 Kg) the number of possible settings makes you just want to fiddle with things.When combined with a high-end sound card like Creative's Audigy 4 Pro, you need to decide which system provides the effects - the card or the Z-5500.If you don't, the sound will get very bad, very fast and tweaking gets extremely difficult.

The reviews of "shaking things off of shelves and walls" are a little far fetched (or indicative of pervasive poor building construction).The system is capable of extreme volumes and retains clarity - even sounds better - at higher volumes.However, the earth shaking must be highly dependent on the room acoustics as I have yet to rattle anything off the wall or shelves (and YES, I have cranked it to the max until my vision became blurred).

The tuned-port sub woofer sounds muddy at lower volumes unless I tweak the settings and it is getting better as it breaks in.Again, I chalk most of this up to my room acoustics albeit tuned-ports are notoriously "muddy" when compared to acoustic suspension speakers at lower volumes.The sub is incredible at medium to higher volumes - especially with movies in Dolby DTS.

The satellites are very good on their own - they lack any bass capability but the mid-range and treble are crisp and clear at all volume levels.

Overall - no regrets. I would recommend this system for someone looking for an alternative to an AV/amplifier home theater sound system or a very high-end PC sound system.

You should have some advanced knowledge of how to configure the sound settings of both your computer (or other sources) and these speakers to be completely amazed by their capability - if you don't know what a TOSLINK cable is for, you need to study a bit before you need these.

5-0 out of 5 stars More than I expected!
Being an owner of the Z-560's (4.1) I had been wanting to upgrade to the Z-680's for the center channel capability and the option of going digital. I have beeen watching the Z-5500 reviews and prices since this products introduction.

The only drawback was that I saw some reviews that indicated that the speaker connectors were using the RCA type connectors. That was the only thing that had been a bone of contention for me. My splicing and mechanical skills are good so I could deal with it.
Well, I went ahead and took the plunge and found them on Amazon for a better price than other places I had been considering. I recieved the package in 24 hours with standard UPS ground! Mostly because the wherehouse was only 40 minutes from my location. It came as an unmarked box, but the real retail box was inside. (good idea)
Once I got it to my home, I began the transition and noticed the speakers had the better pushlock type connector as opposed to the RCA jack type I had seen in the reviews! :happynod: I immediately stopped and went to my local electronics store and got some monster cable!

Another thing I noticed is the direct analog cables are a little short for my liking. It is a little prohibitive with my placement preference. I'd like to see a few feet added to the cable. Of couse making my own is not a big deal.

Setup was a breeze, it looks much more refined than the 680/560's and I believe the sound is better over the 680's but I have only been in someone elses house and listening to it on their own setup and configuration so, while you might see reviews saying the 680's are better, don't forget that everyones setup/soundsource/tone levels & room acoustics are different. But from the 560's the one noticible difference is the bass...obviously. Shakes your britches! I haven't had a chance to play anything at high levels yet but I really am happy with my purchase.

So if you were concerned about the speaker connectors, don't worry, it looks as if Logitech listened.

I think you'll love them. ... Read more

2. Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 2-Piece Surround Sound PC and Gaming Speaker System
by Logitech
list price: $199.99
our price: $142.44
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002SQ0AE
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 1450
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Z-5300e 5.1 Speaker System ... Read more


  • 280 watts system power (35.25 watts x 4, plus 39-watt center and 100-watt subwoofer)
  • 5.1 surround sound speaker system designed for PC or game console use
  • Includes 4 satellite speakers, center speaker, subwoofer, and color-coded audio cables
  • Wired SoundTouch remote controls volume and power
  • Matrix mode creates surround sound from stereo, 4-channel, and 5.1 sources

Reviews (26)

5-0 out of 5 stars My experience of upgrading to this system.
Well, my last review (question really) about how long the rear speaker wires were wasn't very helpful to most folks. (0 out of 10).Well, I've answered my own question by finally getting the set.For those who also want to know, the wires are about 16 feet I think, going by the ol' finger tip to finger tip test (I'm 6', and it spanned the distance twice and then another 4' or so.)

Anyway, here's what happened when I finally got the system.I was upgrading from a Logitech Z-640 5.1 set to the Z-5300e.The 640 set was decent, but had very little mid-range, if at all, and the 25w sub just didn't have the punch it needed to sound good for DVD playback and music.Oh, the reason I brought this up is because I had my sub sitting on a shelf about 6" above my monitor.It was fine.Didn't affect anything.And so I get the Z-5300e set, and for those who have it, know the sub is HUGE. (11.5"w x 12"h x 14.25"d <- and that's without the wires hooked up (add another 4" minimum with the wires).Anyway, I tried setting the sub back up on the shelf where my old one was.It pulled the color out of my monitor!Not all of it, but damn near all of it.Damn big magnet in that thing.I told the clerk at Radio Shack about it (more on this later) and she said hitting the monitor's "Degauss" function may have fixed the problem, but I didn't want to have to worry about it.So I decided to put the sub on the floor as Logitech suggests.By doing so, I required rear wire extensions, because I lost about 6' of length that I needed.So that's where the trip to Radio Shack comes in.Bought two 6' extensions for $6.

Anyway, so I get it hooked up and WOW!Major sound coming out of these relatively small satellite and center speakers.Of course the sub handles most of the low end.This system sounds better than what I've got for my main TV.

Many people complain about the over punchiness of the sub.I agree, it's a bit strong and overpowering if your only control over it is the provided remote control.However, if you have good soundcard software, as which comes with most Creative Labs high-end surround sound sound cars, there are several bass level adjustments in it that you can back off the bass level to a point where you can practically minimize the bass.For example, for the Audigy 2 card series, there's a bass cross-over control and by sliding the control to the right, you can take almost all bass out of the sound.I ususally set my slider at a quarter of the way across from the left (bass side) and it's adequate.And then if you have separate bass/trebble controls too, you can lower the bass there as well.

But if you like bass, this 100w baby can do some serious thumpin'.It has a dual-chambered construction where the cone is inside the box mounted on a center divider which allowed the bass to resonate better than if the cone was mounted on the outside.

Some people also say that there's no on-system cross-over from the sub to the satellites.Well, duh?The satellites are not woofers.They're basically mid-range speakers that can duplicate tweeters as well due to their dual drivers.

Awesome sound for an affordable price.
Well-constructed speakers.
Enough wattage for your PC or console game system.

Relatively short speaker wires.
Wired remote control.
Inadequate on-board control of bass level.

But with that last one, you can tailor it better if you have good software with your soundcard.

Also had I not had to put the sub on the floor, I wouldn't have had to buy cord extensions.

5-0 out of 5 stars For the price...
I just got this system a couple days ago.I'm extremely happy with my purchase.The clarity and quality of music is impeccable on this system.And now for this INCREDIBLE price of 114.99, these speakers are an unbelievable deal.Please, take my word for it, they are totally worth the purchase!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Best deal Speakers for the price
Speakers are excellent quality. The only problem is the cable length are not long enough to keep it far apart. Best ever deal I had got from Amazon $13.30 with free shipping(in march. It was a price mistake of the day(later changed to $133.99).

4-0 out of 5 stars Best bang for the buck
The only drawback is the cords on the rear speakers aren't long enough. Even running across the bare floor, they barely reached the back wall in a 10'x10' room. Since they have RCA plugs, it was a simple matter of buying some longer cables and a pair of adapters to daisy-chain them with. Once the cables were run through the ceiling, I pivoted the stands around to use the built-in wall mount holes. All the plugs are color coded, so you can't hook it up wrong and the entire job took less than 15 minutes. Plugged into a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card, they produce high quality surround sound.

There are many 5.1 speakers systems designed for use with a computer sound card. None of the lower priced speaker systems have a large enough sub to produce enough bass. Although there are many higher priced speaker systems as well, I feel these represent the best value. They are only marginally more expensive than the cheapest 5.1 speaker systems, but far less than the systems advertised for high-end sound quality. I wasn't looking to replicate my home theater system, and these speakers are more than enough for my office.

5-0 out of 5 stars Best $100 I ever spent.
I bought these from last summer (the gray Z-5300 model) and I love these speakers more than anything. These are my favorite speakers!

I bought them last summer for $130 and I'm glad I made the purchase. The speakers sound great and the subwoofer is outstanding. I believe it's 100 watts alone, while the rest of the speakers are 180 watts in total. I wish the remote was wireless like the Z-680/Z-5500 but for $120 you can't expect that. It comes with an adapter that lets you use these speakers on your PlayStation/GameCube/Xbox, etc. It works well with 2.1 speakers as well if you don't want to use these. They sound great with THX movies such as Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. The rear speaker wire length is fairly short but it hasn't caused any problems for me yet. These speakers are very durable and I'm very grateful to Logitech for releasing an extremely affordable 5.1 system to the consumer. ... Read more

3. Logitech X-530 5.1 5-PieceSystem with Subwoofer Speaker
by Logitech
list price: $79.99
our price: $56.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002WPSCG
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 1485
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Plug the Logitech Speaker System into your PC, music player, DVD player, or even your PlayStation or Xbox game console and immerse yourself in clean, crisp, consistent surround sound from your games and movies. The high-tech subwoofer adjusts itself dynamically to deliver distortion-free bass, and the 5 wall-mountable satellites use a patented technology to eliminate the uneven sound response created by conventional dual-driver designs. The dedicated center channel makes dialogue clear and intelligible. Features 70 watts total power (4x7.4 watts + 15.5 + 25); headphone jack for private listening; two 2-inch drivers per satellite; and a 5.25-inch ported driver in subwoofer. PC and Mac compatible. Imported. Satellites: 2-1/2Wx8Hx3D". Subwoofer: 6Wx9Hx9-1/4D". ... Read more


  • 70 watts total system power (7.4 watts x 4, plus 15.5-watt center speaker and 25-watt subwoofer)
  • 5.1-channel speaker system for PCs, audio receivers, DVD players, or game consoles
  • FDD2 satellite technology produces uniform sound field for rich results
  • Dedicated center channel enhances dialogue
  • Master volume and subwoofer level controls for convenient access

Reviews (20)

5-0 out of 5 stars Buy these speakers NOW!!!
Supersaver shipping took only four days!!! The sound is amazing, and the sub thumps like a madman!!!

4-0 out of 5 stars GREAT! But...
THESE SPEAKERS R AWSOME!!!! i bought them for $80 from my mall. i thought they were gonna be good but... THEY WERE GREAT! the only problem is that i needed 2 buy a new sound card because mine only supports 2/5 speakers. the head phones wen put in do not work as u would expect. the nob for adjusting volume duznt change the volume for the headphones. but... in the back of the subwoofer there is a nob that can let u turn down the bass boost to be lower or higher. THEY R GREAT!

5-0 out of 5 stars BETTER THAN EXPECTED!
Thesetup is easy and is sounds great. The sound is not the crispiest, but the subwoofer delivers true bass and not just pounding noise. They can be mounted on the wall. They look just great as advertised online and on the box. To get a better surround sound, turn the frontspeakers down a little and turn the rear speakers to max. I am a very happy customer.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great price but....
Speakers sound fantastic, up to a certain volume level, at which point they begin to show deficiencies in bass and mid-range response. They do a pretty good job filling a small room, but if you like your music loud, you'll find yourself maxing out all volume level controls, wishing you could go one notch higher. I have yet to watch a movie in 5.1 surround (remember, you'll need a sound card that supports a 5 speaker set-up), but I'm sure they'll handle quite well.

Certainly a good value, but if you are truly looking to upgrade to "the next level" like I was, you may consider spending a bit more money.

2-0 out of 5 stars Sound is HORRIBLE!!
I bought a set of these from Amazon to replace a 4.1 Altec Lansing set I've had for a while.I set these speakers up, hooked them up correctly to my SB Digital Live 5.1 sound card, and verified all speakers worked.When I began playing MP3 songs, I was certainly shocked at how muddled the sound was.

-Speakers cannot be adjusted.The sound was muddled unless the speakers were pointed directly at me while I was sitting at the desk; and there is no way to adjust them up and down, while the speakers have an "upper angling" to them
-Mid tones were not present.The bass was fine, the treble was okay, but the mid levels were non-existent, resulting in hollow sound.
-Subwoofer is HUGE, I mean for a thing that big, there should be a lot more bass coming out of it.

-Speaker set looks nice
-Not TOO bad for the price, all considering.

I have had a Labtec 2 speaker set that sounded better than these.After a couple days of fiddling around with them, I returned them to Amazon and set back up my Altec Lansings.

All in all, I gave it 2 stars because while the sound is horrible, you get what you pay for.For those interested in extreme gaming, I would recommend the Klipsh 5.1 pro media.The extra cost is worth it.

... Read more

4. Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 Digital Speaker System
by Klipsch
list price: $299.99
our price: $199.88
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00008UA3C
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Klipsch
Sales Rank: 14094
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

The Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 computer speaker system is designed primarily for use with game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, and Sony PlayStation 2, but it can also be used to deliver excellent, home theater sound from your PC or stereo system. It features 5.1-channel surround sound with Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, and it includes five small, identical satellites and a 100-watt, 6.5" fiber-composite cone subwoofer.

Each satellite speaker comes with a self-supporting, ball-joint pedestal that allows a 45-degree range of motion for optimal sound directing. All five satellite speakers easily connect to the subwoofer via the included 4m and 6m RCA connection cables.

The control module features a standard analog stereo audio input and two digital audio inputs--one coaxial and one Toslink optical. It also includes separate main, center, surround, and subwoofer volume controls; mute and on/off power buttons; and input, surround mode and Dolby Digital dynamic compression LED indicators. The controller can also connect to the subwoofer via the included DIN connection cable.

The GMX D-5.1 system delivers 108-decibel output through its 0.75-inch metalized polymer tweeter and 3-inch metalized fiber-composite midbass woofer. The tweeter is coupled to an exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn, which increases sensitivity while minimizing room interactions that blur the sonic detail and imaging of conventional speakers. Other features include a ported enclosure for reduced distortion even with boosted bass output and magnetic shielding to protect your TV or monitor from interference. ... Read more


  • Delivers home-theater sound from your game console
  • 5.1 surround sound supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and five-channel stereo
  • Satellite speakers feature 0.75-inch metalized polymer tweeter and 3-inch metalized fiber-composite midbass woofer
  • 100-watt, 6.5" fiber-composite cone subwoofer
  • Satellites have self-supporting ball-joint pedestals with 45-degree range of motion

Reviews (19)

5-0 out of 5 stars Sleek Speakers, Crystal Clear!
These speakers look way better than the competing logitech 5.1 systems.Although Logitech may claim higher power and wattage rating, the differences are minor.These speakers are powerful, clear and the bass is exceptional!Asthetics and specifications combined sold it for me!

5-0 out of 5 stars Well worth it!
These speakers are awsome. I just got them, and am very glad I chose this set. Its a steal! Only $146 for this 5.1 system. They sound very crisp and clear. I would highly reccomend these to anyone wanting a sweet in-room surround sound system.

5-0 out of 5 stars The Best "Small Home Theatre System"
My mom recently purchased these speakers for very cheap (149 USD).I just love the sound it gives out.Movies, games and my music collection sound incredible through these wonderful speakers.They have design and versatility in mind.When I have friends over (17+) they ask me, "What in the world are these?Are these some fancy speakers... and they're 5.1 SURROUND SOUND??"I answer, "why, yes!" and smile.The first time I heard them was like if I were in heaven, I was listening to music tracks that came included in this sound-card adapter (M-Audio Sonica) I needed for my PowerBook in order to truly get the surround sound experience; I couldn't believe my ears.A couple of tears litellaly came down my eyes when I heard how wonderful my Promedia GMX D-5.1 sounded.I highly recommend them.Make great gifts!

2-0 out of 5 stars Reasonable sound, but not really computer speakers
When I got these speakers, I was under the impression that, with theses speakers, I would finally get the 5.1 sound my sound card could produce. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are only a coulple of soundcards out there that can output dolby digital, and mine wasn't one of them. So it comes down to this: While these speakers sound great, they will NOT work with almost any soundcard (even if they have toslink outputs, most soundcards only output 2 channels through toslink). If you are looking for computer speakers, these are a really bad choice. On the other hand, it will probably be great with game consoles.

While connectivity is a serious problem, sound is pretty good. The sub is a little weak, and total power is not all that high. Also, there is a steady hiss (this might have been because of a bad connection or a problem with my setup... i don't know) which is irritating when there is no sound. Sound reproduction is very good though.

Overall, if you own a game console, want to spend the money, and don't mind the lack of power, then this may be what you want. Otherwise, try something else, especially if you want computer speakers.

1-0 out of 5 stars Garbage Speakers
I don't personally have these but when purchasing my speakers, I listened to many different models before deciding on the Logitech Z-680s.

I saw the price tag on these and thought they must be good. So I turned them on, and what do I hear? sound no better than from a $20 boombox. Not the slightest hint of bass, and forget clarity. All you get is muffled sound. And it wan't just a broke set from being on display (though it sounded like one) since I listened to them at four different stores.

These speakers I would have to say are even worse than that Bose 2.1 system they are trying to get $200 for.

If you really want to buy a speaker system, buy anything from Logitech, best being the Z-680s. They have amazing bass output and are very clear and crisp sounding. Plus they are only $250-$300 where you buy it.

And look at the review by someone else, if an Aiwa sub is better sounding than this, its not saying too much for klipsch.

Like I said, don't buy them, buy the z680s and save money and get a much better system. ... Read more

5. Spherex 51000 Xbox 6-Piece 5.1 Surround Sound System
by Spherex
list price: $499.99
our price: $379.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0006PY3DY
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Spherex
Sales Rank: 21309
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Developed in conjunction with the Game Audio Network Guild (GANG)--which sets the "reference standard" for video game audio--the Spherex Xbox 5.1 surround sound system delivers a sophisticated 360-degree home theater experience whether you're playing Halo 2, watching Lord of the Rings, or listening to the latest U2 release. The system features five independent audio inputs (three digital, one analog, and one USB 1.1 port), so it connects easily to your game console, DVD player, CD player, portable audio device, or computer. Sound is distributed through the five satellite speakers, each with a 3-1/2-inch woofer and 3/4-inch metal dome tweeter, and the dual-vented subwoofer with its 8-inch matrix cone woofer. The system's audio enhancements include Omnipolar technology, which rations sound (30 percent direct to 70 percent reflected) in a 360-degree dispersion pattern, so listeners can position their satellite speakers in a variety of configurations, along with MaxxBass augmentation, which extends the lower end of the frequency response to deliver deeper, more natural bass tones from both the subwoofer and the satellites themselves.

The system comes with a powerful 300-watt DDX amplifier (50 watts x 3, 25 watts x 2, and 100-watt subwoofer), which eliminates signal distortion by maintaining a digital signal flow to each speaker. And thanks to the Aureus digital signal processor, listeners can enjoy rich surround sound regardless of the format, with decoding for Dolby Digital, DTS, and Pro Logic II. Additional features include an expansion slot for future compatibility and an infrared remote control with an IR receiver. The system also carries an impressive 10-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Five satellite speakers, subwoofer, 6-channel amplifier, remote control, IR receiver, digital fiber-optic cable, three 10-foot speaker cables, two 23-foot speaker cables, quick setup guide, user's manual. ... Read more


  • Includes 5 satellite speakers with 3-1/2-inch woofers and 3/4-inch metal dome tweeters
  • 100-watt 8-inch matrix cone subwoofer with MaxxBass augmentation
  • Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding; 3 digital audio inputs, 1 analog input, and USB 1.1 port
  • 300-watt digital DDX amplifier; 10-year limited warranty
  • 5.1-channel surround sound system designed specifically to enhance video game audio

Reviews (5)

5-0 out of 5 stars Best Quality For The Dollar
At first I was a little hesistant about the quality of the overall sound performance.When I fist turned on the 5.1 surround sound I did not hear the crisp highs, and punchy lows as promised.I then searched the output audio controls from the divices connected, IE: XBOX OPTICAL OUT, Digital out from DVD, Analog from computer/TV.I made sure each output from the afore mentioned devices was set to it's own individual "HIGH PERFORMANCE OUTPUT", and was enabled for the appropiate output, IE: DTS, Dolby Surround 5.1,7.1, Analog, Optical, Coaxial, .... Upon doing so the whole system JUMPED to life. Also make sure to set the Treble/Bass settings as well as the speaker volume for each speaker.I could not find the GUI interface controls in the downloads @ I only got a Texas Instruments download controller for firmware updates, and the option to download a patch for the headphone out port.NO GUI.Bottom Line..... This thing rocks just like a "Bose Lifestyle System".The only difference is it sounds better, and costs a third less.Definately Buy.Past 30 on the Dial when tuned in and the whole neighborhood is in the sweet spot.No substitute for 5.1 Dolby in game experience.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good Times
I would just like to thank "freekyouup" for that awesome review.I couldn't have made my decision without having read that review first.Especially the part that said, "spherex is cool."That pretty much sealed the deal for me.And now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

5-0 out of 5 stars Probably the best 5.1 sound system under $500
For the money this is a great system. It's easy to set up, you don't have to have a degree in sound design to balance your speakers and you can't beat the price. It took me longer to get it out of the box than it took me to get this puppy up and running. It will take some time finding a way to hide the wires. This is my first 5.1 surround system and after a lot of research(6 months) and hearing other systems this one beats others in its price range hands down.

On the positive side, the satellite speakers are heavy and have great output. The subwoofer is great in producing low end.You couldn't ask for more simpler hookup instructions. The omni polar design does make it a lot easier in finding the "sweet spot" no matter where you put them and they give you 2 optical audio inputs and one coaxial input as well as analogue inputs. They supply you with all the cables including a 1/8" jack to stereo RCA jacks so you could plug your Ipod, Nomad or whatever MP3 player you have. There is also a USB port for any future system upgrades via the web and an expansion slot for any future devices so this won't be an obsolete item in 6 month. Finally someone was using the old brain box. There is also a 10year-limited warranty.

There are a couple negatives. You are a slave to the IR box and the remote because this is the only way you are able to adjust any settings. I would have preferred a set of knobs on the subwoofer/amp to do some fine tweaking. And you may want to invest in a set of 20 ft audio cables (phono plug to phono plug) and a coupler for the rear speakers. Even though they give you a judicious amount of cable I found it still wasn't long enough to do what I wanted to do which was run the cables under the floor via the basement and come up the other side so you didn't see any cables hanging off of doorways and the walls. The optical cable that comes with the system was too short. I nearly broke it when I was hooking it up from my Xbox to the system. Also be careful handling the satellite speakers, those covers come off very easily so pick it up from the bottom.

To summarize, if you are looking for a reasonable priced, decent quality 5.1-surround sound system that a monkey could set up this is the product for you. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to Doom 3.


5-0 out of 5 stars Trust me...there is nothing else
I've done my research and I've purchased this set for myself.There really is nothing that compares to the Spherex system within the same price range.Some might be discouraged by the Xbox logo that is on every component of this system.Some might think that's cool.Others might get the notion that it might be cheapy and/or low budget.Trust me on is far from cheap.When I unpackaged my spherex system, I was amazed by the quality of each component.There are enough audio inputs to support a small Home theatre system.Two optical-in, one digital coax, a port for L-R analog, a headphone jack, and of course, inputs for all 5 speakers.The Sub is powered, not a cheesy passive sub.This will work with any game system, and other devices that support a 5.1 setup.Currently, I have my TV/vcr(analog), Xbox (optical), DVD player(digital coax), and still have room for another optical device if I choose.

My only negative on this system is the IR-reciever.It is very nice, but IF that component dies, you have no control over your audio system.The only way to control the system is through the remote which depends soley on the IR reciever being operational.Never fear...Spherex has a 10 year warranty on this thing.In 10 years, I'm sure I'll be ready for a new setup anyway...but at least my system is protected in the event that something fails.Problem is, if that IR-receiver goes...and you ship that part for replacement, you'll be unable to use your system for a while.Spherex would have been good to had some on-board controls as a backup option...but oh well.Just a minor deal in my opinion.

The sound quality is amazing.I kept reading about how amazed everyone was with the sound.Spherex uses a sound distribution method unlike most speakers you'll find.It emits sound to better reflect off of surfaces and your environment, so that you're in a "sweet spot" nomatter where you are in the room.The sound is more realistic than some of the high priced speakers that I've heard.No need for any high priced recievers and separate components.Everything is built into the sub making setup a snap.Heck, my grandma could set this thing up.If you can make your VCR stop blinking 12:00AM, then you can set this up with no problem.

Just do your research.I've read reveiws in various third-party sources (game magazines, home theater mags, audio mags, etc.) and every source rates this system very high (usually 9+ out of 10, 90+ percent, etc.) Don't be fooled by the "dorky" xbox license...this thing is so versatile, that once you hear your games, movies and music on this thing, you could care less if these things were pink with hello kitty faces painted on.

For those looking to spend under $1000 for a nice surround sound package, you won't find anything better than this.Believe me, I've looked.

5-0 out of 5 stars video game surround sound rules
video games are so much better when you hear them in surround sound. you can hear the bad guys behind you! this is the way games were meant to be played. this system has everything you need in the box to get surround sound. spherex is cool. ... Read more

6. Creative Labs Gigaworks S750 7 Piece THX 7.1 Speaker System
by Creative Labs
list price: $499.99
our price: $474.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00013JU9S
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Sales Rank: 29711
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

MODEL- GIGAWORKS750 VENDOR- CREATIVE LABSFEATURES- GigaWorks S750- Black colorEngineered with ground-breaking technologies, the GigaWorks S750 isa 7.1 speaker system that represents the new state of the art in PCaudio performance. The two additional surround speakers give FPSgamers the advantage of precise positional audio that a 5.1 speakersystem simply can't match. And with a chest-thumping 210 Wattsubwoofer, and the amazing detail delivered by titaniumsupertweeters in each two-way satellite speaker, the GigaWorks S750will give you a more intense and dramatic experience with games,movies and music than you've ever imagined.Includes Six wall-mountable two-way satellite speakers, One wall- mountable two-way satellite center satellite speaker (Horizontalorientation), One subwoofer, One Audio Control Pod, One wireless remotecontrol (batteries included), Six satellite speaker desktop stands, One center satellite speaker monitor stand (Downward facing), Three10 ft cables for front speakers, Two 16.5 ft cables for rear speakers, Two 23 ft cables for rear speakers, 7.1 audio cable, User manual,Warranty and Technical Support booklet.* Unmatched 7.1 positional audio excels with EAX and Microsoft DirectSound3D supported games.* BASH amplification offers 700 Watts of Total Power, for amazing dynamic headroom and distortion-free, lifelike playback levels.* Each tuned two-way satellite speaker features a 1 ... Read more


  • The Audio Control Pod features power, volume level, treble control and mute; headphone jack; auxiliary audio input; and an M-PORT for streaming audio from compatible NOMAD® MuVo® MP3 players
  • A feature-rich wireless remote for ultimate convenience
  • 700 Watts of Total Power
  • Two-way satellite speaker features a one inch supertweeter and three and a half inch midrange driver for clear, detailed response up to 40kHz
  • Eight inch down-firing long-throw woofer, is driven by a 210 Watt amplifier

Reviews (3)

5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Surround Imaging with Stunning Clarity and PUNCH!
THE REVIEWER:I am a composer, live sound reinforcement engineer and own my own recording studio in the Dallas area.I am a huge fan of high-end audio, and in particular, surround sound!When it came time to build my new PC, I opted for the newest Creative Audigy 2ZS sound card...which more than met all of my needs for gaming and *most* of my MIDI and less demanding digital audio work.Now, first, I must say that the Gigaworks line-up is astounding on its own; however, add to any Gigaworks arrangement the Audigy2 line of audio cards, and there can be no other combination for your PC!I admit to being a long-time user and fan of Creative products, and I make no apologies for that.From my very first SB16, through the very impressive Platinum version of SB Live! card, each product has lived up to--and even exceeded--my expectations.

My original purchase was the 7.1 Megaworks setup by Creative.I can honestly say, it was a good sound, but not good enough for MY ears.The midrange was weak and definitely lacking.The distortion in the low-end was evident on truly powerful 7.1 selections, and the system had numerous resonant frequency issues , which resulted in buzzes and rattles that unnerved me!Needless to say, it WENT BACK!FAST!I audtitioned several systems this time, rather than just going by brand name and features.

As with most, the Logitechs were appealing, but simply did NOT have what it took in the end.Additionaly, I configured my best friends' 5.1 Logitech setup, and I HATED it from the start.Balancing the satellites and sub with the center channel was virtually impossible.Every signal fed to it reguired tweaking of some kind.Thus, I knew the Logitech offerings were OUT!

Back to Creative.(And yes, I looked at everything else from BA's on, and nothing else had the feature-set or raw power handling capacity of the Gigaworks setup!)Okay, the Megaworks was less than mind-blowing...even to the point of being disappointing...but NOT Gigaworks!!!WoW.That is it in a nutshell.I cannot seem to shake this system loose.No matter how hard I press it, this system hangs with my Polks, Klipsch and even Infinity Kappa speakers.

I have a set of studio reference Tannoy NFMs (bi-amplified by Carver) that I use in my studio for mix-down, and I admit, the Creative Gigaworks are more natural and comfortable to listen to for long periods.Would I mix-down my beloved work on them...NO...but then, what professional would?That is not what Creative intended them to be used for--although some might argue they could be.

BOTTOM LINE:The looks aren't as impressive as some of the Logitech offerings, but if this is what you are after, then you aren't likely to care about any of these reviews anyway!The sound is fantastic, so they can look plain for all I care.

NOTES:Bass response is very impressive--although place the sub away from a corner and face the port at an angle away from any parallel walls to avoid TREMENDOUS standing waves and unnecessary (and unnatural) peaks (boominess).Most audiophiles will find it necessary to attenuate the sub output (very easily done even by remote), and most club-kids will find the bass response PERFECT no doubt!
The high-end is magical for a component system in this price-range.Frequency roll-off is natural, and though the satellites all have the exact same driver configuration, the high-end is not overly bright or tinny.The system is not all frequency-match and perfectly paired like many high-end system, though this is not necessary.Each satellite diligently and faithfully recreates whatever signal is fed to it.The system sits idly with NO audible hiss.In standby, the the system emits no heat, but at full-tilt, the amplifier (housed within the sub) can put off quite a bit of heat!The system does not degrade noticebly even after hours of hard use.

Color-coded wiring make installation a breeze for novices, but I really wish this system was wireless (at least between the sub and satellites) but we can all have a wish-list, right?!Anyway, the wiring is probably the messiest and ugliest part of the entire setup--though not as bad as some I have seen, including my buddy's Logitechs.If you want to wall-mount the satellites, the wires aren't likely to be long enough.The center channel can easily go above or below your the software provides perfect THX phase alignment and timing adjustments.The system SHOULD come with stands for sides and rears...but again...we can WISH!(They are available from Creative's website, though not exactly cheap!)

All-in-all, if you need 5.1 or 7.1 surround, and you have a VERY high-end audio card...the Gigaworks system is the only REAL solution for you.Check one out at your local retailer...or listen to your friend's, but either way, listen'll be glad you did.

The money was well spent.Would do it again...and most of us have at least one major purchase we enough said.Hope you find this helpful.Happy Listening!

5-0 out of 5 stars Gigaworks 5.1 & 7.1 vs Logitech Z-680 5.1
Facts: I own a Logitech 4.1 z-560 400watts and Also own a Creative Gigaworks 5.1 S700 (can upgrade to the S750 at any time).

Logitech Z-680 5.1 505watts RMS:, subwoofer at 188watts RMS (Internal DTS and Dolby Digital Pro II, so it can generate a DTS effect even with Sterio inputs). Some says this system has HISS but it is VERY low, you can only hear with your ear close to the subwoofer box. And at last, in my opnion I think the design looks more cool.


Creative Gigaworks S700 5.1 560watts RMS: subwoofer at 210watts RMS (Does not have internal DTS or Dolby Digital, it depends 100% of the sound card, it does have CMS3 for a 5.1 emulation with sterio inputs). It does not have any kind of HISS. I dont like the design, and the satelites design makes it look like a cheap system. The subwoofer has 4 legs with is coolNow the best thing about this system is: For an additional 100.00 dollars (at any time) you can buy a kit (two satelites of 70watts each) with will transform this system on a 7.1 system exactily like the Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 of 700watts RMS.

Now the versus thing is only at the Gigaworks S700 5.1 with 560watts.. clearly the Gigaworks WINS.. so all you need to think is.. WHAT ABOUT THE 7.1 ? well just add 140watts more as the sub is 210watts exactily as the 5.1.. Well.. if it wins with 5.1 - 71 is way better.. so basicaly this system KIKK A**......

Dont waist your time with another system.. gigaworks came to rule the world.

5-0 out of 5 stars Gigaworks Rocks!!!
I have been into surround sound for about 6 years now, my aging 5.1 Onkyo 939 Bose AM10 system which is still a great sounding solution.However, I thought I would give a media PC system with a projector a try.I purchased the Gigaworks system to support the sound combined with the Creative Audigy 7.1 card and I was not disappointed.The EX surround really excels in a large room giving clear separation of the surround sound channels.The newer movies like Master and Commander really take advantage of the 7.1 channels to move the sounds around the boat which you feel like you are in.The sound is a bit softer and more realistic than the Onkyo, more like the Yamaha sound that many love.The base is way too much (police would be at the door from neighbors complaining) at the normal setting but is easily set to a comfortable level with the wireless remote. I really enjoy listening to music on the system since the sound level can be set low, yet due to the many speakers around the room it can be easily and clearly heard. Throw in Norah Jones on DVD on the XGA projector and man! it is like you are really there watching the sweat run down her face and hearing every sound as clearly as if you are in the room; does not get better than this; like - save your money, no need to attend any more concerts!!!Even my wife (who is normally anti surround sound) loves the surround system projector combo and has given it her official "best thing you ever did" seal of approval.

Pros: Easy wiring setup (color coded), wireless remote, great sound, low cost compared to standard surround systems, plenty of power, low distortion at high volume settings, heat produced low compared to other systems.
Cons: The volume display shows 5 green led bars that do not give a good indication of the volume level. Wires included a bit short, you will need extensions for most rooms.

I also have the Logitech Z5300 5.1 speakers which are good for my gaming PC, but not really in the same category as the Gigaworks. ... Read more

7. JBL Encounter 2.1 Multi Media Speaker System
by JBL
list price: $199.99
our price: $142.49
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00077IHTC
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: JBL
Sales Rank: 8136
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Harman Multimedia (ENCOUNTER) JBL Encounter ... Read more


  • Comes with two satellite speakers and on subwoofer
  • Harman Multimedia's world-class speakers computers, MP3 and iPods
  • "Touch Control" allows for simple touches to regulate volume
  • Patented Slipstream Port design maximizes port efficiency while minimizing port noise

Reviews (2)

5-0 out of 5 stars I've been abducted!
These speakers from JBL are an excellent choice for those seaking quality audio and a look that's totally out of this world.I have these attached to my new iMac G5, and so far I'm totally impressed with the sound quality.iTunes never sounded better.Since the iMac's integrated speaker system is less than desireable, this system will definately complete the Mac.

The Speakers are very easy to setup.Simply plug in the the left and right sattelites to the sub-woofer, then connect the AC power adapter, then plug the whole system into the audio out port on the iMac.The power switch (button style) is on the center back of the sub-woofer.A green LED on the front of the sub indicates the system has been powered on.The speakers have both treble and bass settings built into the back of the sub-woofer (dial style).

One of the most exciting features of this system is the volume controls.There are two chrome buttons on the right sattelite speaker, one "+" and one "-".Simply touch the appropriate spot and the volume goes up or down.Tap it for incremental increases or decreases, or hold for fast increases and decreases in volume.Touch both at the same time to mute the system.To bring out of mute, simple touch either button.

Overall, I have to give this speaker system 5*****'s.I really can't think of any con's as it relates these speakers.I purchased my set through dynadirect for $99.00.The average retail cost is $199.99 if you were to buy them from the Apple store.Save some money and be pleasantly surprised by the quality.

5-0 out of 5 stars BANGIN!
aWESOME ... Read more

8. Logitech Z680 5.1 Computer Speakers (5-Speaker, Silver)
by Logitech
list price: $399.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00007AKDP
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 12257
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Plenty of Power to SpareThe Logitech Z-680 gives you THX-certified theater quality digital sound through optical and coaxial inputs for simple connection to nearly any audio appliance. And with the Digital SoundTouch Control Center and wireless remote, you can sit back, stretch out and let loose.Built-in Dolby Digital and DTS hardware decoding lets you connect the Z-680 directly to a PC sound card, Xbox, PlayStation2, DVD player, satellite receiver or other Dolby-ready source and get a true surround experience. You can also get 5.1 surround from a stereo input through the advanced Dolby Pro Logic II system. Best of all, you can connect up to four audio sources simultaneously, while accessing each one at the touch of a button.Model Z-680True Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround sound with built-in hardware decoding Dolby Pro Logic II decoding creates a 5.1 soundfield from two-channel sound sources THX certification ensures top sound quality Connects to PlayStation2, Xbox, DVD players, satellite receivers, PC sound cards, and more to deliver immersive gaming and movie experiences Home-stereo style connectors use standard gauge speaker wire Shielded satellite speakers allow for desk placement or wall mount Internal power supply eliminates bulky wall adapters Removable cloth grills on satellites Wireless remote control, batteries included Total output power: 505 Watts RMS Subwoofer power output: 188 Watts RMS Satellite speaker power output: 317 Watts RMS (62 Watts RMS per c ... Read more


  • Feel earth-shaking bass with 505 watts RMS of thunderous power
  • Six-speaker system that lets you enjoy true 5.1 digital sound with your movies and games with built-in Dolby Digital and DTS hardware decoding
  • Create 5.1 surround sound from stereo music, movies, and games with Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Simultaneously connect four audio sources, including PCs, game consoles and DVD or CD players
  • Be in total command with the Digital SoundTouch Control Center and wireless remote

Reviews (126)

5-0 out of 5 stars GREAT SOUND!!!
If your looking for a nice 5.1 surroung sound system for a pc that's not too expensive get this one.SOUNDS FANTASTIC, I have a $3000 home theater system in my living room and this comes VERY close, though maybe not in total volume it still has good surround sound effects. I can turn up the volume full blast without any distortion.Logitech has lesser models out therebut don't settle for less! This is the one! GET IT!

5-0 out of 5 stars A MUST HAVE
After reading up on a few different models, I've decided to purchase this one.Wow!What a great decision, this system is great, truly unbelievable.I pluged it right into my notebook and it handled my mp3's and the subwoofer was able to handle the bass very well.I was able to plug it into my t.v. as well, (this sytem costed 2 1/2 more than my tv) and finally I am able to hear what the people are saying without having to raise the volume all the way.If I ever needed another set of speakers I wouldn't hesitate to purchase these again, nor would I hesitate to recommend these to someone.If your unsure of the quality and sound, don't be, I think you would be very suprised.Thank you all for the reviews to help me make a great purchase.

5-0 out of 5 stars !!!!!THIS SET WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!!!
AMAZING, there is no other word that i can think for this set. If I could i would give this speaker set a 10 star out of 5. I am a professional sound designer and i wanted good performance on my PC, I never expected this. I never expected the amazing quality that this speaker set has. Digital and THX. Logitech has done a great job with this set. BUY IT, if not this one only get the next step up, Z5500, but there isnt that much differance.
This set is worth twice its retail value, dont believe me, read every other review on here and see if you can find one that dosnt give it a 5 star rating, go on i dare you.

5-0 out of 5 stars It's good, but I have to prepare you for it
I bought these speakers primarily for halo 2 on xbox.That said, there weren't clear instructions (at least not to me) on what I needed to do this.I read in the logitech instructions to purchase either Xbox Advanced AV Pack or (OR!!??) the High Definition AV Pack.I bought the High Definition AV Pack, but couldn't find the optical openning in the wire.I took it back, thinking I needed the Xbox Advanced AV Pack instead, so I ordered it.It ended up being exactly the same as what I bought at the store in "real life."I called XBOX to see if I could hook the optical cable into the wiring, and he showed me how (it's near where the male end of the wire connects into the back of the xbox).The person at xbox also told me that if I didn't have a high definition tv, the picture would be black and white, and that if I wanted to connect the xbox with an optical wire to a sound system, I'd have to use the Xbox Advanded AV Pack (which I tried to buy before.He was right.I played a little with the speakers connected to the xbox with the High definition AV Pack, but the black and white picture was just unacceptable.

I ordered the Xbox Advanced AV Pack again; this time I noticed a difference from the High Definition AV Pack.

Okay, here's the summary of what you need to connect the logitech z680 to your xbox:
- optical wire
- Xbox Advanced AV Pack
- Xbox High Definition AV Pack

It sounds real good on the xbox.On my computer (slackware linux 9.1, kernel 2.4* series) that has a regular on board old sound card that connects to this system with a wire they provide, it sounds good, but sound is quite terrible sometimes on internet radio and low quality mp3s.To hook it up like I did, just connect the wire they send you with the speakers (it has green ends) into the "front" port on the back of the unit, kind of next to the optical port.

Things you want to ignore when you read these reviews: People complaining about the base in these speakers.The base is a BIG issue with some songs.Sometimes it just thumps too much.When it does, you have to use the "level" button to toggle the lcd to "subwoffer," which allows you to adjust the base in the same way you do the volume.A car is only as good as its driver.

On a bad note, you don't want to turn these speakers up to their max volume level very quickly or if you think there's alot of dust on the subwoffer.I was upset today, so I wanted to blast my music out of my logitechs.I spun that volume dial so fast to it's max setting, and felt my skin ripple with that oh-so-good sensation.Then I saw some sparks form inside the subwoffer, and a heap load of smoke came floating out.The music was still loud, but the base wasn't working, and the subwoffer was still smoking.I turned it off.Big mistake.Now the whole system doesn't turn on.

I can't figure out if this happened because I have a dusty room or because I spun the dial up too quickly.Maybe it was a mixture of both.

I called logitech (number found in the back of their instruction manual), and calmly explained what happened in all honesty.I'd only had the speakers for about 3 months, so she said I'll be getting new speakers in 7-10 business days.I don't even have to return the damaged speakers.It was like a 10 minute phone call.The customer care rep. didn't even probe to find out if I'd done something stupid to damage it.Example:"Didyou get it wet?"The way they were able to verify who I was without asking for too much personal info and how they tracked my order back to without an order number is amazing.Logitech has made a very good impression on me, and I'll be buying more from them in the future, because they try for their customers :)Thanks, logitech and Amazon!

5-0 out of 5 stars Just plain awesome....
I bought the speakers in november looking for something i could play some serious music with and be impressed.I read the reviews on here and everyone liked it so i went ahead with it.Best thing i've ever done, well sort of.The only bad thing was there is a closet nearby with a florescent lightbulb, and the speakers rattled it out and it shattered.But other than that best system ever.The Bass from the woofer is fantastic for an at home system, and couldn't be better for music.I use this system for my MMORPG's and it plays intense sounds from the envrionments and makes it feel realistic.

1 Thing to do:
1) I would suggest going out and buying a better guage wire for this system.The wiring it comes with is very low quality and is very short.I have not done this, but i probably will in the next few weeks if i get around to it.Speaker wire is cheap and could really intensify this sound system even more!

Great system, don't go and buy the $500+ ones, this is the one to get! ... Read more

9. Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System, (6 Speakers, Black)
by Klipsch
list price: $399.99
our price: $349.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000UI304
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Klipsch
Sales Rank: 17324
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

After setting industry standards with the acclaimed ProMedia 5.1 personal audio system, Klipsch has taken things a step further with a new and enhanced version. The ProMedia Ultra 5.1, available in a 120 volt version, augments the performance and style of the award-winning ProMedia 5.1 with an even more impressive subwoofer, updated crossover networks, and new cosmetics on the satellites and control module. With an enclosure that is 20 percent larger, the ProMedia Ultra 5.1 subwoofer incorporates a series of refinements designed to increase efficiency for more total output, lower distortion and deepen bass extension. These improvements include a lower tuning frequency, a voice coil that is 60 percent longer and a larger, slotted port. The subwoofer is a bass-reflex type with dual 8-inch side-firing woofers and convex driver dust caps for unsurpassed high output linear bass response. The 500-watt BASH® amplifier and Klipsch engineering offer high output with low distortion and effortless dynamic headroom. ... Read more


  • Four 2-way satellites, one 2-way center channel and a dual-driver 8" subwoofer Impressive 500 watts of total amplified power
  • 20% larger enclosure designed to increase efficiency for more total output, lower distortion and deepen bass extension
  • Magnetically shielded center channel provides rear post angle adjustment for optimum positioning
  • Control module features separate main, center, rear and subwoofer controls
  • 6 analog discrete channels (3 stereo miniplugs); auxiliary stereo miniplug music input

Reviews (15)

1-0 out of 5 stars Amazing sounds. Short life.
I received the big dog... Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 System. Hooked them up, played around with them (trying out the aux input, playing a CD), and then watched TV at a low volume through them. Total of 90 minutes... then the sound went silent. Dead. Nada. No sound at all. Still had power, could hear a relay clicking inside, but nothing was coming out, through the main or aux input.

Exchanged them for a new set. Hooked them up. They lasted a week and a half. Same exact thing. Watching TV at a low volume, and the system just suddenly goes silent. I knew immediately that they were dead. They are currently (May 25 '05) on their way back.

Never again will I purchase another Klipsch product. I'm getting my money back on these. Disappointing, to say the least. They sounded decent (need a little more mid-range - bass and high's are excellent). The dual-woofer setup allows for some good sounding bass (though sadly I never got the chance to really crank the speakers up).

If you have them, and they're still alive, enjoy them. If you're thinking about ordering them, well, keep in mind that they might not live long, and shipping on a 62 lb box is rather expensive...

5-0 out of 5 stars Unreal Power for a Computer Speaker System
I'm going to keep it short. The Promedia 5.1's push out 500 watts of SERIOUS sound. They shake the floor during a DVD, and you can only put it up to about 60% volume during games, its TOO loud even at that point. Connected to an audigy 2 sound card, these are the best of the best. Dont hesitate if you are willing to spend the money, these are amazing speakers.

My system: Dell XPS Gen 3, 3.4ghz P4 extreme edition, 256mb X800 XT, 1 GB RAM, 74gb Raptor hard drives in RAID 0, 20.1 inch LCD, and Klipsch Promedia 5.1 500 watt surround sound.

2-0 out of 5 stars I was "klipsched"
I bought this system as part of a Dell XPS 4 gaming system.It was the best option they offered in the speaker department and after reading the reviews on Amazon and other sites seemed like a reasonable choice.My reaction from day one was, "that's it ?" The sound is tinny, marginal at best and certainly not worth the price.It's almost painful listening to mp3's and radio on them.The construction is cheap and plasticy.The speakers have no directional adjustments like angle or tilt at all to direct the sound. I was traveling during much of the 30 return window but just assumed that when I had the time to tinker with them I could tweak the sound to be full bodied and even.Unfortunately that didn't happen.I'm considering selling them on e-bay.Don't waste your money.Even Dell has switched to Logitech on their XPS system offering.

5-0 out of 5 stars Simply put, the best...
This is the best of the best...Of all the "personal stereo" manufacturers only Klispch has the courage to put in writing what this system will do.No other company produces a system with such dynamic range, clarity or power (115 db continous).

Klipsch has been making speakers since 1948, so they have extensive design experience.When I build custom home media centers or gaming machines, this is my first recommendation, unless the room is too small, then I suggest the ProMedia 2.1.

There is no other credible candidate, a friend just bought some Bose system and then I brought him over...he returned the Bose the next day and went with the only good choice.

2-0 out of 5 stars Great Sound, but sub still has problems
I just wanted to throw in my two cents.I bought this system a little over a month ago (I didn't look at any reviews because my brother has been selling audio equipment for a number of years and told me this was a great system).This system does sound great, however three and a half weeks after I bought it, the sub stopped working.That's when I looked at the reviews online.Even though it's been almost two years since other reviews stated that Klipsch was aware of the problem and had corrected it, apparently there are still some flaws.I immediately boxed my system back up and returned it.

This system does sound great, but if you are going to buy it, make sure you get an extended warranty. ... Read more

10. Creative Labs MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 Computer Speakers (6 speakers/1 subwoofer)
by Creative Labs

our price: $290.69
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00009KY27
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Sales Rank: 17133
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

The 6.1 THX certified PC speaker is designed specifically for use with Sound Blaster Audigy 2. The Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 is the most powerful PC speaker ever produced, delivering mind-blowing 6.1 surround sound action, in Dolby Digital EX movies and Microsoft DirectSound 3D games. Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 incorporates seven-channel BASH amplification, 600 Watts of Total System Burst Power, and 99dB SNR clarity in a compact speaker design. Six high quality magnetically shielded speakers are each featuring a high precision 3.5" driver with powerful yet small rare-earth magnet to deliver a seamless blend of audio output between all six speakers and the subwoofer. Its massive, dual-flared ported, wood subwoofer with a down-firing 8" long throw driver delivers true Low Frequency Effects that are required for riveting 6.1 playback. ... Read more


  • Compact, magnetically-shielded speakers
  • 6.1 THX certified PC speaker
  • Designed for use with the Sound Blaster Audigy 2
  • Excellent for Dolby Digital EX movies and Microsoft DirectSound 3D games
  • 7-channel amplification, 600 watts of power, and 99 dB SNR clarity

11. Altec Lansing XA3051 5.1 Speakers (6-Speaker, Black & Silver)
by Altec Lansing
list price: $99.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000068IGM
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Altec Lansing
Sales Rank: 11225
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

MODEL- XA3051 VENDOR- ALTEC LANSING FEATURES- 5.1 Amplified Speaker SystemFor use with Video gaming and TV audio systems.When it comes to gaming, you're looking for intense action. Whether you are battling street thugs, racing Formula 1 cars or rocketing through space, a great sound system pulls you into the game.Problem is, your TV's wimpy speakers weren't built for gaming.That is why we developed our five-channel Dolby Surround Pro Logicvideo gaming speaker system: the XA3051. With a center channel,four satellites and a 6.5 ... Read more


  • Connects to TV, video gaming system, DVD player and VCR
  • 6-Speaker Dolby SurroundPro Logic
  • Deep-Bass, Ported Subwoofer
  • Dual Mode Selector, 6 speaker surround mode or Stero Mode
  • Full-Function Wired Digital Controller

Reviews (18)

5-0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Deal for the price.
The 6 speaker system is Superb in sound quality especially when hooked up to my DVD recorder. When at a cost of only $40.00 where else can you get a 6 speakers5.1 surround system for this price and it is Altec Lansing.I would not say they are the greatest sounding speakers but for $40 you can't go wrong. When other 5.1 surround speakers systems will run you more than $100.

4-0 out of 5 stars Good deal for the price
The sound quality is pretty clear and good enough for an apartment. Except the hissing sound of the speakers when power turned off and the wired remote, I am satisfied with everything else. Good deal and at amazon just 40 bucks.

5-0 out of 5 stars best deal ever!
I have done some price research with other online stores. Amazon has the greatest deal. Other stores sell around 70 dollars. Plus $30 gift certificate if you apply for amazon visa card will bring the price down to $9.98 with FREE shipping!! What's the deal! Do not compare the quality of this speaker with $200 speaker on the market. You will be satisfied.

4-0 out of 5 stars Great Speaker after some modding :)
Well this set of speaker sounds better then my old 4.1 Altec Lansing speakers.
At first I was disappointed that it was simulated 5.1 sound but luckily I have some electronic knowledge so I opened it up and started mapping it out, I managed to add separate inputs for each speaker which sounds awesome on my audigy soundcard. (Takes to much time and extra components)

I wouldn't really recommend this to computer users or someone wanting to build a true entertainment center, but it is adequate for console gaming and normal TV viewing purposes.

4-0 out of 5 stars great 4 price...2 flaws
these sound pretty good for the money.pretty bassy..better in that respect than most out there..again, esp. for the money. some other reviews say they are simulated surround, etc.but they are as advertised a pro logic system.not dolby digital (5 totally seperate channels + bass signal to the sub) there are only 2 problems. there is always a hiss, not too noticeable, but there, whenever is plugged in.only solutions are to either unplug it or plug in cheap headphones into the wired remote control and unplug them when you want to use it.the other flaw is in the volume has an electronic volume dial that controls other settings as well.problem is that on volume, the incerements are way to big...either that or there is a problem with mine. (if anyone else's is like this, post here)on mine, the volume only goes up or down every 2 clicks of the wheel, not each click.and then when it does, its too much, it's not a problem during the day usually when it doesn't matter, but i live in an apartment and its hard to find the right volume where i can hear it but the room mates/neighbors can't. ... Read more

12. Creative Labs GigaWorks S700 560-Watt 5.1 Speaker System
by Creative Labs
list price: $399.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00013BKTG
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Sales Rank: 41834
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Engineered using the latest in groundbreaking speaker technology, Creative's GigaWorks S700 5.1 speaker system delivers state-of-the-art PC audio performance. The 5.1 configuration includes four satellite speakers, a center speaker, and a 210-watt chest-thumping subwoofer, which combine to provide topnotch surround sound when plugged into your PC. Each satellite features a 1-inch titanium supertweeter and a high-precision 3.5-inch midrange driver for clear, detailed response up to 40 kHz--a perfect match for high-resolution DVD-Audio. Meanwhile, the dual-flared ported subwoofer employs an 8-inch down-firing long-throw woofer, which provides 30 percent more acoustic volume than the award-winning Creative MegaWorks THX 550 subwoofer. The system also uses Bash amplification to create dynamic headroom and distortion-free, lifelike playback levels. The speakers and subwoofer merge to fill up the room with crisp, dramatic audio that makes movies, games, and music sound better than you ever imagined.

Should listeners want to upgrade to 7.1-channel audio, the GigaWorks S700 is a willing participant. Merely pick up Creative's 7.1 upgrade kit and it's done. The system also features an audio control pod that offers power, volume (main, center, side, rear, and subwoofer), treble, and mute controls, along with a headphone jack, auxiliary audio input, and an M-port that accepts streaming audio from Nomad MuVo MP3 players. The 560-watt system is even THX-certified by LucasFilm, ensuring that it meets the high audio standards of the pioneers in elite theater sound. So whether you're watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy on your computer's DVD player or exploring the visceral world of Half-Life 2, the GigaWorks S700 speaker system will keep you squarely in the middle of the action.

What's in the Box
Four satellite speakers, center speaker, subwoofer, audio control pod, wireless remote with batteries, four satellite desktop stands, center desktop stand (downward facing), three 10-foot front speaker cables, two 16.5-foot rear speaker cables, 7.1 audio cable, warranty and technical support booklet, user's manual. ... Read more


  • 560 watts total RMS system power (70 watts x 5, plus 210-watt subwoofer)
  • 5.1 speaker system with 4 satellite speakers, center speaker, and ported subwoofer
  • 1-inch titanium supertweeters and high-precision 3.5-inch midrange satellite drivers
  • Dual-flared ported subwoofer features 8-inch down-firing long-throw woofer
  • Audio control pod with volume, power, treble, and mute controls, plus auxiliary input

13. Sony SRS-D5100 5.1 Multimedia and Gaming Speaker System
by Sony
list price: $229.99
our price: $151.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001RM9G0
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Sony
Sales Rank: 32712
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Video-shielded satellites * 12 watts x 5, plus 80-watt sub * frequency response 30-20,000 Hz * dual line inputs * wired remote ... Read more


  • 2 sound modes for input 1: 5.1-channel processing or direct stereo; headphone jack affords private listening
  • Complete 6-piece (5.1-channel) multimedia speaker system with wired remote control module and all requisite cabling
  • 5 satellite speakers with 2.2-inch drivers and 12 watts per channel
  • 80-watt powered subwoofer with 6.3-inch cone
  • 2 stereo analog line-level inputs let you connect a PC and 1 additional device such as an MP3, minidisc, or CD player

14. Altec Lansing VS3151W 6-Piece Surround Sound Speaker System
by Altec Lansing Consumer Products
list price: $49.99
our price: $83.59
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00020E4O6
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Altec Lansing Consumer Products
Sales Rank: 27456
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Impressive Power in White! VS3151 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker System No matter what type of entertainment you’re into, the VS3151 is an excellent and affordable all-around system. Connect the VS3151 to a 5.1 sound card to let six speakers bathe you in vivid and panoramic sound, pulling you directly into the action. The center channel reproduces lifelike dialogue while four satellites ensure you’ll hear the enemy creep up from all sides. The VS3151 also offers the unique option of turning any stereo sound into a 6-speaker experience. Plus, its flat panel design with sophisticated metallic feel and brushed aluminum finish means the VS3151 will look great next to your flat panel monitor or anywhere in your home. ... Read more


  • 6-piece speaker system delivers rich surround sound to movies, games, or music
  • Long-throw subwoofer in ported wooden cabinet provides deep, powerful bass
  • Dual mode selector with 6-channel surround mode and 2/4 channel mode
  • Feature-loaded control pod manages power and volume
  • 50 watts total power (5 watts x 4, plus 10-watt center speaker and 20-watt subwoofer)

15. Altec Lansing VS3151 6-Piece System
by Altec Lansing
list price: $99.99
our price: $78.32
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0001FZCQ6
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Altec Lansing
Sales Rank: 10418
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan Product Description

Altec Lansing's 6-piece VS3151 offers exceptional 5.1-channel audio for your home theater system at an affordable price. It incorporates Altec Lansing's advanced Powered Audio technology that eliminates the need for an external amplifier, making it the perfect fit for PCs, gaming systems, portable CD player, and MP3 jukeboxes. You can also use it to pump out earth-shattering sound effects from DVDs played through a 5.1-channel compatible home theater receiver or PC sound card.

The VS3151's six speakers produce vivid and panoramic sound. The center channel reproduces lifelike dialogue while four satellites ensure you hear even the most subtle detail. It features four desktop satellites, full-range center speaker, and a 5.25-inch subwoofer. Packing a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) rating of 103 dB, the VS3151 includes a dual-mode (6-channel surround or 2/4 channel stereo) selector, and a convenient control pod that also includes a headphone jack.

What's in the Box
This package contains 5 satellite speakers, 1 subwoofer, control pod, and printed user guide and quick connect card. ... Read more


  • 50 Watts total system power
  • Impressive power thrusts you into the gaming and movie experience!
  • Use the 6-Channel Surround Mode with a 6-channel sound card to thrill your senses with the vivid, panoramic experience of true surround sound
  • Use the 2/4 Channel Mode to enjoy immersive six-speaker sound from any source ¿ CD players, MP3 players, or your standard 2 or 4-channel sound card
  • Built-in RCA inputs for your TV or video gaming system

Reviews (5)

4-0 out of 5 stars Decent value system.
Output is decent.This isn't a DTS/etc receiver- it won't take 5.1 output and convert it on its own.It handles stereo sound just fine from various analog devices hooked into the RCA input, and piping sound from my SB Live 5.1 card through them sounded decent.There's a slight hum from the subwoofer (though hardly noticable), and noticable white noise at any volume when the speakers are powered on.

The rear speaker cables are long enough for a PC or small gaming room experience (4'-6' behind).The 4 left/right channel speakers are wall mountable, but the bases are non-removable, which leaves an odd look.The center channel speaker is also mountable, and sits on a pivot mount (designed to sit over the lip of a CRT monitor or shelf).The volume box is about the size of a clock radio, and though designed to look like the rest of the system, the knobs & trim make it look junky & obsolete.Unfortunately, the headphone jack and power button require it to be at least semi-visible.

It's not a stellar system, but it's a good starter at a great price to get by with 5.1 sound on a PC.

3-0 out of 5 stars Not for obsessive compulsives
Bought these speakers to work with my cyberhome 500 dvd player which has a dolby digitial decoder and 5.1 channel analog outputs but no amp so I needed powered speakers.

I had to purchase some adaptors and rca cables to connect the speakers to my dvd player but it works very well. Lord of the Rings DVDs sound terrific.

Switch on back of speaker creates simulated surround sound when you are not getting true 5.1 channel output from cd or dvd. (in other words when switched for 5.1 channel sound, cd sound only comes from left and right front speaker, hit switch and you get sound from all speakers.)

The major drawback is that the sub woofer has a barely audible low hum when plugged in to the wall (even when the power switch for the speakers is off.) I can see how for certain people this one feature would drive them insane. Especially if you used these as computer speakers and you were trying to work or something and not using speakers.

Being slightly obsessive compulsive, I need to unplug the sub woofer sometimes in order to deal with this irritation. Altec Lansing calls this normal in their manual. I think a lot of people would think that is a bunch of crap.

But the bright side is you get fairly attractive speakers that perform well at a very low price.

5-0 out of 5 stars Altec Lansing VS3151 6-Piece System for music
I could not be more pleased with this surround powered speaker system.I bought it for a casual home music system.

The manual is straight forward, only 3 pages in English and
dozens of other languages.
After I checked it out, I installed it in the music room already wired for 5 speaker surround set up. It took a few hours work to mount the speakers to the ceiling and make the hookups.

I hooked up a simple stereo CD player since the "Panasonic DVD-F85S 5-Disc Progressive Scan DVD 5 disk player" has not yet arrived,

While I found that the volume on the control pod gave a little base noise when set full on, at about 80% the system is perfectly

I first loaded the AudioSource LLC3 utility disk to check out the wiring and stereo and surround decoding. It passed beautifuly including the Dolby Pro-logic surround decoding from the stereo
source.Channel tests showed total separation left to right, front to back.

The music selections on the disk designed to test the transient response, frequency response and separation were beautiful.

The digital silence track was totallly quiet.

I then tried a number of CDs and liked the response of all of them.

There was plenty of power to fill an 18x18 ft room with a 10 ft ceiling. I could get enough volume to drive me out of the room without any distortions or buzzes.

I wanted a home music system to provide both serious listening
levels and quality as well as background music for all times.
I got speaker quality that far exceeds the modest cost of the system.

I cannot wait to get the Panasonic changer, but I cannot see how the music playback could be any better.

3-0 out of 5 stars Do Not Buy To Use With An Xbox!
It won't work!Stereo sound only!No surround sound!Altec Lansing Customer Support Sucks!Sucks!The product manual sucks!

*deep breath*

Other than that, it's a nice system for the money.Will not work with an Xbox, or probably other gaming consoles, to put out surround sound.Stereo only.It sounded fine but I bought a surround system to get surround sound.Could have used more headroom in terms of volume.No remote.Wires for rear speakers somewhat short, 14'.

5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful
I purchased these speakers a couple months ago from and have been very pleased so far.For under three digits, this 5.1 setup is a very good purchase.Aesthetically these speakers are top notch.They match perfectly with my silver and black Gateway.The center speaker has an ingenius mount that will let you place it right on top of a monitor.It practically blends right in with my LCD screen.The control unit is very funcitonal, giving you volume control for center, surround, subwoofer and master.There's also a convenient headphone jack.The volume unit looks and feels a bit on the cheap side but seems to work very well.

While I've only played a few DVDs with it, I was pretty impressed.Using my computer's software decoding, the Altecs were able to give me very convincing Dolby and DTS.The surround effect was very convincing.Each satellite speaker is given 5 watts which seems to be sufficient.The center channel has 10 watts which really helps give extra power and clarity to movie dialogue.The subwoofer takes home 20 watts and gives enough power to add a good low end dimension while not overpowering things.That brings the total to 50 system watts (RMS) which may seem on the low end for a 5.1 system but for most people it should be more than enough.

Games are another very strong area for these speakers.The rather tiny subwoofer (compared to some of the bloated offerings by Logitech and Klipsch) is able to create convincing explosions and the speakers do a great job at creating the surround effect.There's no feeling quite like using your speakers to track an enemy aircraft out of your view or hearing enemy soldiers firing from behind you, allowing you to duck behind cover.Plenty of volume is pumped out for a bedroom, dorm room or small home office.

Music, while not quite as strong as the other areas, is still fairly impressive.It definitely took some EQ tweaking to get a good sound out of the speakers but finally I've managed to get something I'm pleased with.This is the area where a lack of wattage finally catches up with the system.I enjoy my movies and games at a moderate sound level but music I like to really pump.In order to get enough rock-ready volume I have my computer system volume set at 75% and the speakers at least three fourths turned up.There's no audible distortion with this setup so I believe Altec Lansings 103 decidal claim.Early on I had my computer set at full system volume and was hearing crackling on certain frequencies, though it didn't seem to matter how loud my speakers were turned up.An IT friend of mine informed me that if you have system volume it full it can introduce distortion from the sound card.Pulling the volume down, even to 80% or 90%, seemed to solve that.While I have yet to crave more than the system has to give, these speakers don't have much more volume they can put out.

The VS3151s work especially well with softer, cleaner music (not always my thing but I can defintely appreciate it).One of the first songs I listened to on them was Jeff Buckley covering Hallelujah and it made me remember how moving a song that really is.Rock and rap are convincing, though the subwoofers size and lack of wattage is definitely holding things back.I have the subwoofer knob set at half and my system bass set at %25 and this seems to about all the speakers will take before they become boomy.At high volumes the bass is about right, but at lower volumes it seems to disappear more than one would expect.This just encourages me to turn up my volume, which I have no problem with!

Having picked these speakers up as a downgrade from Creative Labs 5700 (the ones that have hardware Dolby and DTS decoding) I'm able to say that the difference in quality was very minimal.Also, the Creative Labs speakers would take a few seconds to pick the signal up and convert it.Minor complaint but annoying none the less.Oh, and they were also three times the price and definitely not three times as loud.Maybe 1.5 at most.

I would recommend these speakers for their great looks alone but they also work very well.Especially if you play more movies and games than music.No major complaints, especially for the money.If price is more important than wattage, pick these up.Otherwise I hear the Logitech Z-5300 is very powerful and not even twice cost.Though not nearly as good looking... ... Read more

16. Logitech X620 6.1 Computer Speakers with Surround Sound
by Logitech
list price: $99.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000C20S2
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 29500
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Increase your gaming intensity by upgrading to the 6.1 surround sound of Logitech's X-620 speaker system. It features six satellite speakers, including a center rear channel, plus a powerful pressure driver subwoofer. Are you looking for powerful bass? Crisp highs and mid-range? The X-620 delivers. Its patented subwoofer design provides twice the bass of conventional designs for smooth, powerful lows, and the satellite speakers provide rich mid-range and crisp high-end tones. Even if you don't have a 6.1 sound card, you can still enjoy the benefits of all seven speakers by using the source selector switch. Got a Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, or Nintendo GameCube? Just plug in the X-620 using the convenient video game console adapter and immerse yourself in the explosions, music, and dialogue of your favorite games. ... Read more


  • Easily hook it up to your video game console with the included adapter; hear the action behind you for greater gaming intensity with rear center channel
  • 6 satellite speakers and a powered 8-inch subwoofer; 70 watts total system power (140 watts peak)
  • Enjoy twice the bass of conventional designs with Logitech's patented subwoofer design
  • Place the satellites on a shelf or fix them to a wall; a headphone jack accommodates private listening
  • Create 6.1 surround sound from 4-, 5.1-, or 6.1-channel sources using the source selector switch

Reviews (6)

5-0 out of 5 stars Good sound, easy setup
I got this set as a gift, and it's great! I set them up with a 8-channel sound card and installed the software. Absolutely no problems with installation, a little adjusting on the included equalizer software and it sounded perfect. I use them mostly for strategy games and music, and 6 speakers can tell me exactly where things are happening in my games. Bass is great, easily adjustable.

The only problems:

- bass gets kind of overpowering when you turn the volume low
- some of the cords for the speakers are rather short... get a few cable extensions if you want to spread them out
- volume doesn't seem to change the headphones output level

These are minor cons, though, and with all the good, you can easily look over these problems. Make sure you have a compatible sound card!

Sound: 5/5
Setup: 4/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Software: 4/5

5-0 out of 5 stars Great speakers at a great price!
When it comes to computer speakers, you can't go wrong with the Logitech x620s.Crisp, clear sound, a powerful subwoofer, and a system that's so easy to hook up, you don't even need to read the manual.

The subwoofer has independent control.The right front speaker has an easy headphone plug, volume control, and on/off switch.These speakers give great sound and good volume.The bottom of the speakers have a groove for hanging them, or they can be set on your desktop.

Only cons for these speakers:
- When used at low volume, the midrange is weak, and bass a little overpowering.Nothing horrible, but this is the only sound weakness with these speakers.
- Center speaker has no hook for wall hanging.Not sure why this wasn't included, as the center speaker would seem to be the most obvious choice for hanging.
- Left front speaker has a very short cord. This forced us to place the subwoofer (where all the cords connect to) on the floor under the middle of the desk so the cord would reach.An extra few feet would have been nice, especially since the rear speakers have nice, long cords.

I think these speakers stand up well to their more expensive counterparts.Why pay more, when you can get a wonderful set for under $100.

4-0 out of 5 stars CHEAP, EASY, AFFORDABLE
When I bought this surround sound systemn for my computer it was my first.I spent a long time searching and these speakers read better than any other in this price range.I went for it, and I made the right choice.All the cables are extremly long so you don't have to worry about the speakers reaching.I have trouble with my center and rear speakers at first, but I quickly worked out these minor flaws.Now i love these speaker.The subwoofer will rock your world.It shakes, it rubles, and boy can you make it LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars Logitech X620's
Ok so I have recently become obsessed with the world of surround sound audio. I have previously had Creative Inspire 4.1 speakers, then upgraded to Ozaki 5.1 Home Theatre. Of course, with only 25 Watt RMS total power they were hardly amazing.. So i was looking to upgrade again! I got some Logic 3 console soundstation speakers, and they didn't connect very well so i got a cash refund. So I headed to comet with the Intentions of buying a Creative Inspire T7700 set of 7.1 for £99.
Unfortunately they were sold out, so then I spotted these! I knew logitech were well recommended for sound, so I decided to take a plunge and buy some 6.1 speakers.
Well what can I say? Im not going to be too biased like some stupid reviwers on here lets start with the good points:
>Strong Subwoofer with 25W RMS output (Doubled due to patented technology) definately the best bass producer ive ever heard!
>Strong speakers, 8 Watts RMS per channel over 6 speakers! With 20 Watts in center channel!

>Headphone socket for private listening
>Source switcher - upmixes a 4.1 or 5.1 signal to 6.1
>Subwoofer Volume Control
>Sturdy Volume control - these speakers can go mighty loud, and volume control is progressive, but I dare not turn them up to the max!
>Speakers have their own stands, or can be rotated 180 degrees or attached to a wall via a screw
> Free console adaptor ensures these speakers can be easily used with xbox gamecube or ps2 right out of the box!
>These speakers ARE compatible with DVD players!
>Quickstart Manual and Warranty Card

So the good news is these produce a rock solid sound for a great price, better than Inspire 5.1's? Yes i would think so, definately better than my other two speaker sets anyway!

Sadly the bad points are, but to be fair i must state them:
>Subwoofer cannot be turned off and can be a hinderance as even on low volume it produces a tonne of bass
>Back speaker wires are particularly short!
>Needs a 6.1 Audigy to take full advantage.

So not being biased, honestly i have listed only two bad things i can see at this time. I really do like these speakers and am very pleased with them. The only concern is the amount of wires i have in my tiny room lol... these speakers are compatible with almost any home device and you are even given the adaptor to do it for free!
So if you're looking for a bargain way to step up from 5.1, grab these! I assure you the sound they produce is great, and isnt some thrown together budget model! the specs say for themselves:
70 WATT RMS Output
140 Watts Peak Output
These speakers rock, 5 stars!

If there are any questions you have that i dont cover reguarding my reviews, please contact me on msn messenger: and I hope this review was helpful to you!

5-0 out of 5 stars Just as good as the Z-640's, but 1 more satellite, nice 6.1
I am writing a review because some want to know if these are good. Well I bought the Z-640 from amazon last summer and I had bought later a Audigy 2, 6.1 surround sound card. So I waited for 6.1 to come and X-620 came. However, amazon did not stock this, until just recently. Where I bought it already from somewhere else. But these speakers are awesome. Just like the Z-640, exactly the same output 70 watts, except 1 more satellite speaker to give you nice 6.1 surround sound. 3 speakers in the front and 3 speakers in the back give it a nice distribution of sound. Perfect configuration I think. 3 on 3, instead of 3 on 2. And the subwoofer I think got even louder and better. Defintely see a difference in the bass with X-620 over the Z-640. In end, if you liked the Z-640 you will defintely like the X-620, I know I do. So check out the reviews for Z-640, maybe that will help you more if mine didn't. Amazon is the best. ... Read more

17. Creative Inspire T5400 5.1SPEAKER with sub Wired Remote 115 Watt
by Creative Labs
list price: $99.99
our price: $74.09
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0000C2GT0
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Sales Rank: 15316
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Pure 5.1 Performance From 115 Watts Of Power And High-Fidelity Two-Way Speakers

Two-way speaker design - a tweeter and midrange driver in each front satellite speaker for enhanced acoustic performance

CMSS&reg; Upmix - for 5.1 surround sound from 4-channel sound cards

Versatile Wired Remote - power/volume/bass controls and a headphone jack

Plug into pure audio realism and an amazing 115 Watts of System Power with the Creative Inspire™ T5400 5.1 speaker system. With 5 acoustically-tuned satellite speakers, a powerful ported wooden subwoofer, and additional features like removable stands to enable wall mounting, you're in for a dramatic gaming, movie, and music experience, with exquisite audio performance.

The Inspire T5400 is an excellent speaker system for use with Creative's EAX-enabled products. Combine it with a product from the powerful Sound Blaster&reg; Live!™ family or the 24-bit Sound Blaster Audigy™ family of sound cards to heighten your gaming, movie and music experience. And with Creative's proprietary CMSS upmix technology, you can experience realistic 5.1 surround sound even with a 4-channel sound card.

Two-way Satellite Speaker Design

The three front satellite speakers each feature a tweeter and a midrange driver for smooth and accurate high frequency response and clear, balanced sound in games, movies, and music.

... Read more


  • 115 Watts System Power: powerful 5.1 gaming, movie, and music system at an incredible value
  • Two-way speaker design: tweeter and mid range driver in three front speakers enhance acoustic performance
  • Versatile wired remote: controls for power on/off, volume, bass, and headphone jack for private gaming and music listening

Reviews (6)

1-0 out of 5 stars BUYER BEWARE!!!
After purchasing these speakers and setting them up, I was very happy with my decision in buying a quality product. A few months later I noticed that after playing a song, or watching a movie, the speakers made a sound comparable to switching night vision on while playing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, but going from a higher to a lower pitch. I was finally getting fed up with just "living with it" so I called Creative's tech support. They took me through the steps to make sure it wasn't the sound card. After many calls they issued me an RMA number. I sent them off, paying $15 after some business shipper discounts and waited. I found out that they sent me a completely new set and labled the last one as having a "cosmetic defect". Once I recieved the new set I realized that they were worse than my first set with a constant high pitch noise no matter what. I will not buy speakers from Creative again.

5-0 out of 5 stars Good sound...
Going by the previous reviews and possibly during a price war...I bought this set of speakers to go with a new gaming computer and I am really impressed with them.

Using the onboard sound on a ASUS K8V-X motherboard....I can get good 5.1 surround sound in Unreal Tournament 2004.This adds to the gaming experince a great deal.

I like the wired volume controls...allowing easy volume and subwoofer volume adjustments.

And if they are placed approx. 3-4 feet from your computer can dialup about all the volume you can handle and still not disturb your neigbors to a great extent.And the sound positions are pretty precise.

These are also good speakers for listening to music.Clear highs and midrange...good solid bass.Though the bass will break up if turned too high.

Of course good speaker performance depends a lot on the hardware and software driving I'll likely upgrade to a sound card in the future.

5-0 out of 5 stars Astounding sound
I bought these about a year ago, along with a Creative Labs SB Audigy Platinum 5.1 card.Whether you are using these speakers for gaming, music, or movies, the quality of the sound is amazing.The highs are crisp, the bass is pure, and the overall sound presense is great.If you are looking for a well-priced quality set of 5.1 speakers, these are most definately the choice for any computer or small home/dorm room entertainment system.

3-0 out of 5 stars You're getting what you paid for.
I will admit first off that I don't have a 5.1 card yet, so my results could be drastically different if I did have one, but as of now I am mearly satisfied with these speakers.Sound quality is average but by no means excellent.Bass goes out very quickly so don't expect to listen to music very loud (this is something that probably won't change when I get the new card).Basically, don't expect to use these speakers for any reason other than sitting right in front of your computer and listening to music at a reasonable volume.If you plan on using these speakers as part of an overall sound system, you should probably spend a little more money and buy something with some more non-distorted wattage.Sorry to rain on your parade of 5 stars across the board, but I've definately had better speakers than these.Overall, I'd say my biggest problem is with the subwoofer, it gets distorted very easily.Don't plan on impressing anybody with your new monster system.

5-0 out of 5 stars MONSTEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought these speakers along with a Audigy2 ZS.I installed the card and came across a printing error.My speaker instructions had the wrong instructions on how to hook up the speakers to the sound card.After a little fiddling, i realized the problem.The Speaker instructions had me plugging the chords into the wrong jacks.BE SURE TO LOOK AT YOUR SOUND CARD'S INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CORRECT JACKS.Also MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMPUTER ISNT SENDING DIGITAL OUTPUT IF IT IS, CHANGE IT FOR THESE SPEAKERS. My comp was set to this and there was nothing at all. Other that that the setup was fairly easy other that the fact that the front-side speakers arent on red/black speaker cable making it hard to get a true 5.1 setup with the 5 foot attached chords.The back speakers are on bare wire connections and make it easy to run different wire (sold separately)to the speakers.Ther are also PLUGS NOT BARE WIRES going to the sub so i had to tape the rear wires onto the provided plug cables.After i ran the cables and fixed all of the problems MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY.I havent listened to as good of music quality since my parents 4000 dollar BOSE system.These speakers are monsterous.I have the volume barely on and my 10 foot cube room shakes like crazy.Very good look and easy tweaking is beautiful. Other than the few glitches in the setup, it was a beautiful purchase for 100 bucks!!Just be sure to have a sound card that can handle the 5.1 speakers.My friend loved mine so much that he bought them an d tried to run them on an integrated sound. DIDNT WORK AT ALL.

I LOVE THESE SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Read more

18. Creative SBS 5.1 560 Surround Sound Speaker System
by Creative Labs

our price: $59.84
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B00019TBPU
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Sales Rank: 38922
Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

MODEL- SBS560 VENDOR- CREATIVE LABSFEATURES- SBS 5.1 560- Black colorSBS 5.1 560 lets you take your multi-channel PC gaming to a newlevel at an incredible value. Pumping out 70-Watts SyMODEL- SBS560 VENDOR- CREATIVE LABSFEATURES- SBS 5.1 560- Black colorSBS 5.1 560 lets you take your multi-channel PC gaming to a newlevel at an incredible value. Pumping out 70-Watts System Power,this powerful surround sound speaker system includes a front centerspeaker that is perfect for in-your-face gaming action with addeddialogue clarity in movies. Creative SBS 5.1 560 features areinforced wostem Power,this powerful surround sound speaker system includes a front centerspeaker that is perfect for in-your-face gaming action with addeddialogue clarity in movies. Creative SBS 5.1 560 features areinforced wood subwoofer with a built-in amplifier, adjustablebass control, and 5 ... Read more


  • 42 watts RMS power (6 watts x 5, plus 12-watt subwoofer)
  • 5.1-channel PC speaker system with 4 satellite speakers, center speaker, and subwoofer
  • Brings full-bodied, immersive sound to PC games, movies, and more
  • Reinforced wooden subwoofer includes built-in amplifier and adjustable bass control
  • 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response; includes wired remote control

Reviews (1)

4-0 out of 5 stars Great speakers for the price
I got these for $50 dollars locally and these are the nicest speakers I have ever had. I bought a 2.1 system for more a year or two ago and was not as impresed. I am only giving it four stars as I did have to upgrade my soundcard. Not a big deal becuase I have a laptop and just got the Creative soundblaster live 24 bit USB soundcard. No loss there either. ... Read more

19. Monster Cable PG SSGS-500 Surround Sound Speaker System for PS2 Games
by Monster Cable
list price: $199.95
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000092WYT
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Monster Cable
Sales Rank: 41620
Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Monster's five satellite speakers plus dedicated subwoofer mean you are engulfed . in sound that overwhelms your senses. Hear every bone crack. Feel every explosion. Experience every wipe-out. The powerful, ported subwoofer delivers deep bass. audio effects so real you'll swear you've been bruised. And the 5-speaker Surround. Sound gives you the winning edge because you'll hear footsteps behind you-or slithering above you. Monster's Surround Sound Gaming System 5.1 means you don't just play the ... Read more


  • THX certified cables included for a cinema quality gaming experience.
  • 5.1 means five satellite speakers plus one subwoofer; simply the best way to experience realistic 3-D gaming.
  • Mid-range driver and tweeter on every satellite speaker deliver greater acoustic range.
  • Feel every explosion, kick, or crash with powerful dedicated subwoofer.
  • Convenient wireless remote to adjust volume and fine tune audio environment.

Reviews (3)

4-0 out of 5 stars da bomb
if you have a
PS2 and you like to feel like yourr in the game this is something you have to have. It truely is the best thing you could ever have for the PS2!!!!

5-0 out of 5 stars AWESOME!!
I got this thing about a year ago.At first, it ruled.After a few months, one of the speakers started to make a popping noise every once in a while.I emailed monstercable, and they sent me a new one, just like that.A few weeks ago, one of the ports on the subwoofer went.I emailed them back and they sent me a brand new one.Now my system rules again

5-0 out of 5 stars THe bomb
words cannot dscrbe how goodthis is, its the bomb, dont wait to get it and get it! ... Read more

20. Labtech Arena 685 5.1 5-Piece Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer
by Logitech
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B0002SAFHI
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Logitech
Sales Rank: 36272
US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

Product Description

Logitech Inc (970128-0403) Arena 685 5.1 Multimedia Spkr ... Read more


  • Includes color-coded cables and AC adapter
  • 5.1-channel speaker system delivers rich surround sound to PC
  • Ideal for PC games, music, and movies
  • Ported subwoofer with wood cabinet for distortion-free lows
  • Thin-profile design optimizes sound while saving space

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