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1. Navman PiN 100 Portable GPS Pocket

1. Navman PiN 100 Portable GPS Pocket PC Navigation System
by Navman
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Asin: B000299RYY
Catlog: CE
Manufacturer: Navman
Sales Rank: 3319
Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

The Navman PiN combines the latest GPS technology with elegant design to deliver the ultimate cable-free navigation solution. The compact and stylish NEW Navman PiN, sets a new standard for handheld GPS technology. Navman PiN enables you to accurately navigate from door-to-door using the latest Map data with full turn-by-turn voice guidance. Navman's SmartST™ mapping software means you can effortlessly enter your destination, set your route and begin your journey with confidence whether in a car or walking city streets. ... Read more


  • 3.5" Color Transflective LCD display delivers a bright, crystal clear 3D street level view of each map
  • Operates with Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 operating system
  • If you leave your programmed route, PiN's intelligent SmartST software will automatically recalculate the best path to take you to your destination
  • Portable GPS Pocket PC navigation system with SmartST V2 3D View
  • Voice Navigation/Mapping and Route Guidance software

Reviews (15)

1-0 out of 5 stars How could anyone give this thing more than 2 stars??
Yes, free mp3 player... You can get it along with tonns of free soft on internet... Exciting...
Fun started from setting up desktop soft and applying patch.
But it is nothing comparing to fun of day to day use.
I have used Garmin aviation GPSes and Garmin iQue for more than a year before got this PiN thing (which i thought was cool since it had more built-in memory, faster CPU, runs pocket windows, and had no bad reviews at the time).
Ok, next day, my first trip from NJ to Long Island, I hit Rt.95, crossing GW bridge and screen goes gray saying no map data... I exit software, start it again, hit recent trips, wait for 5 minutes until it recalls the ONLY trip in memory and hey, it's working but i missed the exit and have to make a u-turn (with 20 min of traffic).
Next day, i still have lots of faith in this PiN in a butt, and rely on it for trip to Briarcliffs, NY for meeting. Passing this dead spot on Rt.95 again, restart, it's ok, maybe there is en update i can get later... I am almost there, driving on some road, then my PiN happily reports "DESTINATION!!!". You should see this destination, one line road and trees around... Destination was actually close, only about mile away, thanks to local police officer.
Another story when i was testing my patience. Was driving home and suddenly had suggested by PiN to take immediate exit right. It puts me on same highway in opposite direction, then suggests a u-turn in few miles. Leads me to same spot where i was fooled first time and suggests immediate exit right... I knew it's in the mood for a long joke, but i really wasn't, and actually wanted to get home ASAP, so since i knew the direction relatively well - simply turned the damn thing off.
Actually once it was trying to save my life. In MA with few fellow colleagues we were looking for place to eat. I got my magic PiN and found a seafood place in Westboro using point's of interest feature. Cool! But i know my PiN well enough to sit and relax, so I am lookin around carefully while we are driving and searching for the place. Here it is, and right after i see restaurant sign - PiN suggests continue 2 miles and something. We laugh, pull off the road. And only 2 hours later a realized that it was actually saving us from this food trying to drive us away...
Anyways. Now my windshield holder is broken and i can't find place to order it. That's actually what brought me here on Amazon... Remember, i was hoping to get update for map soft? Only $99 to get SmartST v3... Nah, what i need is update to another GPS...
As of now! I am using my wife's Garmin iQue every time it's critical to get to places ontime. I use mappoint for all other cases. I don't even know if i really need a windshield holder at this point, since i don't even remember where my charger is... And I will never spend more than $20 on any NAVMAN product in my life.

1-0 out of 5 stars Unreadable and unworkable.
I thought I'd bought a slick little GPS. Unfortunately, it would not lock onto a satellite. Tech support had me "reset" the unit and it worked briefly before making uncommanded switches to Comm 1, disabling navigation. While it was working, it was unable to compute simple nav problems. "Roads do not appear to connect" was the mantra. I also could see that the comprehensive nav data base did not reflect changes to a major local highway, several years old. To top it off, the screen is totally unreadable in sunlight and barely readable in a car. I'm an experienced lover of GPS(auto & jet aircraft), but had to return this box for a refund.

5-0 out of 5 stars Great Combo Device
I purchased this item as an affordable GPS, yet it offers so much more.I've checked out other GPS systems, and this preforms as well as higher end GPS only systems.A previous review commented on the couple minute delay to connect, but this is common with all GPS as they connect with 3-4 satellites to get coordinates.

The bonus comes in with the MP3 player for me.I won't be using GPS all the time, but to be able to use MP3 player instead of an IPod was a nice feature.I recommend purchasing a 1 Gig card or larger (when available).I'm able to load almost the entire Eastern U.S. Seaboard and have room for a couple hundred songs.

The Navman is also a full blown pocket PC.You can synchronize it to your computer for your appointments and contacts (Outlook is included if you don't already have it).In addition you can bring Word, Excel etc. documents with you on the road.Not a big feature for me, but I'm certain for others.

As with any new technical device, you will have questions.I called tech support 2-3 times.Each time I had to leave a message for them to call me back.It was a pleasant surprise that they called me right back, answered any questions I had, and offered other important need to know info.Tech support was really great!

There were only 1 or 2 other items similar to the Navman.I selected the Navman because it had the highest battery life, a very secure car mounting device (no bean bag) and all the items needed from car, portable and home use.An onscreen keyboard for data entry was the final selling point for me (I have a cell phone with "Grafitti" input which is frustrating).

The final clincher was if I wasn't happy with the purchase I had a 30 day return policy with Amazon.Amazon won't be finding this returned by me!A great product, single use or multi use!

3-0 out of 5 stars Good Compact Nav system with lots of room for improvement
I finally bought this after looking at Navman and Garmin IQ.The pocket PC really looks amazing but the Navman map software really sucks.Some of the key features missing
1. Cannot search for a nearest restaurent or a pizza shop.You need to enter your current address to get near by places.
2. Cannot add a stop over which is really nice feature.
3. Cannot locate the rest areas on the freeways which is crucial when driving long distance.

Also, it takes an aweful long time to load each map even though they are pretty small.
Was showing longest road when trying to navigate from San Jose to LA. It would have been very nice if it had a stop over feature.

Over all, it is nice to have gadget but is not dependable completely.

1-0 out of 5 stars How Can Anyone Recommend This Product?
I am so mad that I read these reviews and bought this product! Imagine if you set up your computer or laptop with the programs you wanted, the setting you wanted, and the addresses and contact information you wanted. BUT, because you went longer than 8 hours without connecting it to a power outlet, you lost all your data and setting. Well, that is what this does! You have to start all over again as if you have just taken it out of the box...... You even have to re-install the navigational software! If you can guarantee yourself that you will keep this PDA on electrical charge without a battery-only period lasting more then 8 hours at a time, then by all means buy this product because it has all the great features mentioned by the others -- beautiful screen, light weight, etc. Otherwise, if this is how all PDAs operate, I think I will stick with pencil and paper -- they do not erase themselves after a period of time. It is totally unacceptable for a device as expensive as this to not have some form of internal memory that retains your profiles and settings! Even a simple cell phone can remember a name and number -- but not this device!

I gave one to a friend as a gift. I set it up for him, added a few games, put in addresses that he would be visiting on a trip to California, had the maps he needed loaded on a 512 memory card. By the time he went to use it, it had been longer than 8 hours, and everything was gone. The maps were still on the memory card -- but the program to read the maps was no longer in this "Pocket PC"!

Please do not make the same mistake that I did. The company calls it a "Pocket PC", and the software that loads from its ROM makes it look like a mini PC, but it is not. It is more like a "Digital Chalkboard" -- and the battery is the eraser! ... Read more

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