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    Too low to display list($549.99)
    1. Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Inkjet
    $318.69 list($349.99)
    2. Canon PIXMA iP8500 Photo Printer
    $75.49 $44.90 list($99.99)
    3. Canon PIXMA iP3000 Photo Printer
    Too low to display $170.00 list($199.99)
    4. Epson PictureMate Personal Photo
    $117.74 $62.99 list($149.99)
    5. Canon PIXMA iP4000 Photo Printer
    Too low to display list($179.99)
    6. Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer
    Too low to display $138.00 list($199.99)
    7. Canon PIXMA iP5000 Photo Printer
    $215.64 list($249.99)
    8. Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet
    Too low to display $159.72 list($235.00)
    9. HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo
    Too low to display list($399.99)
    10. Epson Stylus Photo R800 Inkjet
    $189.99 $171.88 list($279.50)
    11. HP PhotoSmart 8450 Inkjet Printer
    Too low to display list($549.99)
    12. Epson Stylus Photo 1280 Inkjet
    $237.49 list($249.99)
    13. Epson PictureMate Deluxe Viewer
    Too low to display $234.49 list($299.99)
    14. HP PhotoSmart PSC 2610 All-in-One
    Too low to display $299.00 list($399.99)
    15. HP Photosmart 2710 All-in-One
    Too low to display $1,300.00 list($1,795.99)
    16. Epson Stylus Pro 4000 Inkjet Printer
    Too low to display $149.99 list($179.99)
    17. Epson Stylus R320 Photo Inkjet
    $342.99 $330.17 list($349.99)
    18. HP DeskJet 450wbt Mobile Printer
    Too low to display $68.00 list($149.99)
    19. Epson Stylus R200 Photo Printer
    $229.99 $179.00 list($249.99)
    20. Canon i80 Color Bubble Jet Printer

    1. Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Inkjet Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $549.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0007OVML0
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 229
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Experience the power and speed of the Epson Stylus® Photo R800. Print brilliant archival quality glossy and matte photos! The world's first printer with 1.5- picoliter ink droplets and up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi, this revolutionary performer gives new meaning to quality and detail. And, it provides eight individual cartridges, including matte black ink and a unique gloss optimizer, for professional results every time - no matter what the paper type.Durable Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss pigment inks deliver long-lasting portraits, landscapes and more on virtually any media, including ink jet printable CD/DVDs and 4" and 8.3" 13" roll paper. It also prints borderless photos in convenient, frame-ready sizes. And, with innovative PRINT Image Matching II technology, you'll get brilliant prints automatically from popular digital cameras.The Epson Stylus Photo R800 offers groundbreaking quality and performance, for perfect prints made to last. With Epson Software Film Factory Epson Print CD software, and premium ICC Profiles, all included in the box, this affordable ink jet offers a complete photographic solution for many creative projects. Whisper-quiet operation and fast built-in connectivity make it an ideal fit for any home or studio, while high-speed performance makes it the perfect printer for quickly creating show-stopping high-gloss prints. ... Read more


    • USB 2.0 and FireWire interfaces; PC and Mac compatible
    • Up to 5,760 x 1,440 optimized dpi resolution
    • 4-by-6-inch photos as fast as 42 seconds, 11-by-14 as fast as 1 minute 51 seconds
    • Prints directly onto inkjet-printable CDs and DVDs
    • Supports poster prints up to 13 by 44 inches

    Reviews (4)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Professional photo printer for professional needs
    With 2 built in black cartridges (8 total), one optimized for glossy paper and another for matte paper, this thing specializes in output quality.Another cartridge is a gloss finisher to protect the output - either way the ink dries instantly.There's a UK web site that reviews this printer hard core and likes it.Everything that comes through my Canon 20D and out this printer is magic - film doesn't even come close.

    For best results, make sure your camera, software, and printer are all set to the same color space, preferably AdobeRGB, and shoot in 16bit full color.With these settings, even 8 megapixel's is enough for full bleed Super B (13x19) posters.I started out printing everything in semi gloss because it looks/feels like "real" pictures but after trying matt paper, I'm never going back.Not only are the colors richer/deeper, there is zero glare in any lighting environment - and the ink still won't smudge.Coming from a film background, the hardest thing has been paper size standards.Most of the best paper is 8.5/11 and all the picture frames are old sizes: 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 - I hate trimming everything.

    Using the firewire interface, I sometimes wait longer for the print job to que up on my 1.2 G4 than for the print to appear.Translation: fast.Even full page 600dpi+ originals come out fast enough for instant gratification.

    The light/dark grey finish and relatively compact case (with in/out puts closed) are equally at home in an office or bedroom.The fun part is printing to a printer larger than the computer its coming from.

    Controls are easy to use (OS X) and photo quality output is nearly automatic.Whatever you do, figure out how to turn off Expansion.This on by default unfeature increases the odds for a full bleed but at the expense of stretching the picture to an unpredictably larger size (spent hours figuring out why my borders were off).Prints equally well from Photoshop and iPhoto.Its frightening how smart the ink system is, not only can you see in the software how much ink is left, it tells you how many pages "like the last one printed" you can do with the remaining ink for the lowest cartridge.

    When it comes to printing photographs, ink is everything and Epson has it.With the right paper, this pigment is rated to 200 years, has zero dry time, and is crazy color accurate.All you need to do is pick your size
    small = PhotoMate
    medium = R800
    large = R1800

    5-0 out of 5 stars Amazing to say the least!
    I bought my R1800 two weeks ago and it's fabulous! I've been doing quite a bit of photo retouching in PhotoShop and was anxious to see some of my work in large format. The resulting output totally exceeded my expectations! I was also surprised at the speed at which such fine output was generated. I was somewhat concerned about the cost of maintaining an 8-color system as the cost of replacement cartridges ranges between $12.99 and $14.99, but I've done quite a bit of printing and the color levels have barely budged (and I use the setting for the highest print quality). This is truly a great printer for digital photographers, scrapbookers, and PhotoShop enthusiasts like me. It's an incredible piece of equipment.

    1-0 out of 5 stars printer arrived dead
    I ordered the eagerly awaited R1800 on first day of availability from Amazon.When shipped, item arrived dead.Printer carriage did not move into position, soink cartridges could not be loaded. Defective printer was returned to Amazon (which promptly credited the return, including postage).

    On this single anecdotal incident, I do not fault either Epson or Amazon. Stuff happens.Perhaps damage in shipping.I merely provide this information for consumer information, in case other buyers have the same problem.

    My star rating is nominal, since unit received did not function at all

    5-0 out of 5 stars Beats any lab prints
    The Epson R1800 is built like a tank.Upon first inspection out of the box, you will be suprised at it's size.Set-up out of the box was a breeze.About 10 minutes of unwrapping everything and software installation and I was ready to print.

    The first prints came out amazing.I used to work in a one hour photo lab with a Noritsu QSS-3011, basically the Cadallic of mini-lab printers.The best of the best.I am college student majoring in photography so quality is #1 to me.I would always print my pictures at the lab and fine tune each print so I would get the best.With this printer, I get nearly the EXACT SAME QUALITY.Which is nothing short of amazing considering we are talking about a lab machine that is in the costs of tens of thousands of dollars.The prints that I have printed from the R1800 rival the quality of that from the Nortisu lab printer.

    The 8 inks provide a cost effective method instead of replacing one expensive color tank when just one color runs out.You can just replace whatever color you run out of.

    The R1800 prints bordless sizes up to 13" in width.It can print panoramics from 4" to 13" from rolls of paper. Imgaine having a 13" by 44" panoramic on your wall!With the R1800, it's just that easy.

    The R1800 can also print on CD's, which is a neat feature, but one that I probably won't use too much until I get ready to graduate and create portfolio CD's with my work on them.

    5,760 x 1,440 optimized dpi resolution is what makes these prints so amazingly crisp in quality.

    The speed of the printer is pretty impressive too.11x14's in under 3 minutes?4x6's in under 45 seconds?Yes please!

    I believe the best paper I've used with R1800 is Epson's Premium Luster paper.It's semi glossy with a sheer luster to it that makes the color and contrast hold of the paper look amazing.

    If you are even an amatuer photographer and care about the quality of your printers and are in the market for an at home studio printer, you cannot go wrong with the R1800.I would reccommend nothing else. ... Read more

    2. Canon PIXMA iP8500 Photo Printer
    by Canon Office Products
    list price: $349.99
    our price: $318.69
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002F9Y2I
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon Office Products
    Sales Rank: 968
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    print resolution: 4800 x 2400 dpi black; 4800 x 2400 dpi color * ChromaPLUS 8-color ink system * direct photo printing with PictBridge-compliant cameras * dual paper path * two-sided printing * ... Read more


    • Directly supports PictBridge-compatible digital cameras and DV camcorders
    • PC and Mac compatible; 1-year warranty with toll-free phone support
    • Sharp 4,800 x 2,400 dpi maximum resolution
    • Up to 16 ppm black, 12 ppm color; built-in 2-sided printing
    • Borderless 4-by-6-inch photo in just 23 seconds

    Reviews (15)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Incredible printer
    As many other reviews both here on Amazon and elsewhere attest, this is an incredible printer.The photos are amazing and the printer is really fast.Unlike previous printers where you more or less went and did something else while waiting for a print-out, you can just hit print and see the photo shooting out of the printer.It is also amazingly quiet.You literally cant hear the printer at work...

    However, I do feel that the printer puts a little too much magenta in its output.A few (and only a small percentage) appeared to be redder than what was on screen or what is natural.I have read that this can corrected by not selecting vivid in the options while printing, but I have not tried it yet.This is perhaps the reason for the four stars (I would have given it a 4.5 if Amazon let me).

    Finally, I have tried both the Canon Photo Paper Pro (their best) and the Konica Glossy Photo Paper (professional weight) and the Konica paper is way better.The colors are so much better than the Canon's and I doubt I will ever use the Canon paper again.You should really try the Konica paper with this printer (and perhaps with other brands as well).Best of all, its cheaper and heavier than the Canon paper...

    3-0 out of 5 stars Way extra Magenta in pictures
    I don't own this printer - I have the i960, and don't like the extra magenta you see in pictures.Close friends bought the 8500 and have even more magenta and green in the pictures.I thought I was just extremely picky but they were overwhelmed by the extra red and green in the pictures.

    It's a shame Canon isn't paying more attention to accurate color representation vs. VIVID colors - vivid doesn't looks so great on flesh tones!

    Make sure if you buy this printer you really try it out during the return period.

    Since apparently I wasn't being very helpful - I thought I would hopefully add some helpful information, aside from what might appear to be a rant against Canon.I LOVE my Canon camera, BTW, and I loved my Canon S820 printer.

    So, let me add:

    1) Canon Photo Paper Pro will show MUCH more accurate color than the Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy.(This is one of my gripes - if I'm trying to fine-tune colors in a picture, I have to print tests on the expensive Photo Paper Pro because the colors are completely different from, say, high-res photo paper.

    2) When you're printing, in the Canon printer settings, set Color Adjustment to Manual.Then Click "Set..." and check the "Enable ICM" box.In this window, you can also fine-tune color balance settings although I've never had any luck here.

    3) Good points about Canon printers:they seem to use ink sparingly and the separate ink tanks are nice.They're fast.The resolution is great - even on my s820 prints you'd be hard-pressed to see dots or banding.The photo prints are glossy throughout just like "real" photos.No de-glossed black areas.I haven't noticed any fading in prints I've done, for over 3 years.

    So, my hopefully helpful summary is:use Photo Paper Pro and make sure you're happy with the color in your prints.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Fabulous for color
    I've been searching for a good photo printer for ages. I tried an Epson and was so fed up with clogged heads (and ink consumption!) that I took it back as a defective product. The Epson PictureMate didn't last a day. (*miserable* beast of a printer!)So. I did my research. I read reviews until I needed new glasses. I took my own memory card to test printers, and I found the new love of my life! The Canon Pixma ip8500 is a *jewel* of a printer. It's the same ink/ink set/printer head as the $500 ip9900, but for $150 less.

    1) Set up was fast and easy (but come on - this no cable nonsense is getting old. Spring for the blasted cable, Canon!)
    2) Right out of the box the colors were *better* than the digital processing done on Kodak paper by professional equipment.
    3) 8 separate ink tanks means no more wasted ink. Cyan and magenta will be the first to go.
    4) 100 pictures later - ink is still very full
    5) I'm finicky, and after I've done my Photoshop work, I want the picture to print exactly as I see it - with the exception of *minimal* cropping (after some tweaks) this printer *delivers*. Gorgeous color, properly rendered. ZERO ink jet detailing in skies.
    6) Prints up to 11x14, and has a tray for additional paper. Feeder holds plenty of heavyweight photo paper or card stock.
    7) quiet as the grave! I often turn to look at it to see if it's working, because you can't hear it!

    1) Does not read memory cards. Must read from camera, or be hooked to computer. (but it does use USB 2.0 so is very fast)
    2) Like most consumer level printers, this one doesn't do straight b&w photos well. Some images were "light b&w" and the printer interpreted this distinctly on the purple/blue side. The very darkest pictures fared better, but were still noticeably inferior to professional processing.

    I can't speak highly enough about this printer. It's performance is almost without flaw (and hey, even the b&w pictures aren't *bad* they just aren't the *best*) Buy this baby and you will NOT be doing the trek to your neighborhood developer!

    5-0 out of 5 stars What a GREAT Product
    I had some minor problems with my previous Canon S800 printer, mostly in handling thicker paper (business card stock) so decided to upgrade. I knew I wanted a Canon printer and my choice came down to the iP5000 or the iP8500. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for reviews and talking to Canon tech reps. I got a lot of information but it still left me in a quantry, still between the same two printers.

    I think the information I found will be helpful to everyone who's goal is to find the best photo printer. The iP5000 is being pushed by Canon (rightfully so) as new technology, which focuses mainly on the small droplet size of the ink heads (1 Picoliter). The smaller the droplet size the better is the resolution (definition). Although the iP8500 has a 2 Picoliter droplet size, it has 2 additional ink cartridges-red & Green, which just happen to be primary colors.As Canon noted, this gives you an almost infinite range of colors allowing for "true-to-life" color.

    My deciding factor was the droplet size of my current S800 -- it is 4 Picoliter.By buying the 8500, I decrease the droplet size, increasing my photo definition 200% and I added a broad range of colors to produce more accurate colors.

    But these are just numbers. What was I really going to see and would I appreciate the difference. The answer is a resounding YES!!!!!

    I had a picture of an Egret next to a pond. The 8500 changed the color of the water to the truer color as defined by my 19" flat screen monitor. The rocks along the edge of the pound on the S800 photo seemed blurred as if caused by the depth of field while the 8500 photo showed the rocks clear as crystal showing their rough edges.

    Another photo of a brilliant California early morning red sky(actually more orange), which I always thought was a brilliant picture paled in comparison to the bright, vivid colors from the 8500.

    A comment on the StevesDigicam website on this subject said: "...the iP8500 prints show a visibly wider color gamut than those printed with 6 or 5 color photo printers.Noticeably more vibrant are the reds and greens and the ability to reproduce varying shades of orange that prove difficult to impossible on the other inkjet printers".

    Bottom Line: If you're an avid photographer and want your prints to accurately represent the quality of your photo equipment (I have a digital Rebel), I highly recommend the Canon iP8500.

    I hope this information is helpful to your selection.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Jackie Brown Says: Great Printer; Support Needs Improvement
    J. Morrison I've encountered this driver (won't install) problem before with several other Canon printers. The issue has to do with Canon's idiotic insistence on making the driver (and Easy Photo Print) install via Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser only. If Mozilla's Firefox or Safari or any other non-Internet Explorer browser is set as your default browser, the printer will not install. Canon's website is equally IE-centric and horrible to navigate if you don't use Internet Explorer. Nowhere on their site or within the installation instructions does it tell yout that you must use IE to load the drivers and software. This is inexcusable in 2005. Make sure you let them know how irritated this situation makes you.

    Anyway, to solve the problem, temporarily set IE as your default browser and then install the drivers. This worked like a charm for me with the Canon s9000, i560, i960 and i9900. When you're all done, return to your regularly scheduled default browser. :) ... Read more

    3. Canon PIXMA iP3000 Photo Printer
    by Canon Office Products
    list price: $99.99
    our price: $75.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002GU4DA
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon Office Products
    Sales Rank: 52
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    print resolution: 600 x 600 dpi black; 4800 x 1200 dpi color * direct photo printing with PictBridge-compliant cameras * two-sided printing * print speed: up to 22 pages per minute with black-and-white; up to 15 pages per minute in color; 36 seconds for a single 4" x 6" photo * print sizes: letter (8-1/2" x 11"), legal, 4" x 6", 5" x 7", envelope * ... Read more


    • Direct print port, PictBridge compatible
    • USB interface; PC and Mac compatible
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi color resolution
    • Up to 22 ppm black, 15 ppm color; 4-by-6-inch photo in about 36 seconds
    • Built-in 2-sided printing; 4 individual ink tanks

    Reviews (57)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Stunning printer .... on the cheap
    Never thought much of Canon printers, but picked up this one to use with a Powershot. I hooked it up to the 'puter anyway and installed the drivers/software, and that was completely painless, which surprised me (my backup machine; Win 98SE, eek!).

    Then I connected the cam, pushed the "print" button and printed a picture straight from it- in about 30 seconds. It dropped into the paper tray, and right after that, my jaw dropped. Brilliant colors, sharp print, just like from the drugstore. Simply lovely. It also operates perfectly from the computer, handling whatever you throw at it without blinking. The colors are bright and the black is deep and crisp.

    Two ways to feed paper; individual ink tanks; sensible, unobtrusive design - and it's quiet enough for a spy.

    This printer will make you smile.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent printer, you wont regret buying it
    This printer is simply amazing. ok, it doesnt have a parrallel port connection, but does anyone really need 1? It uses usb just fine. It is very inexpensive and cant understand what more you could get by getting a higher priced printer. I had considered getting the ip4000 or ip5000 but I figured I dont do much photo printing so I went with this. After printing a photo when I set it up, I cant see how the other models could be much better. It looks like i just brought the photo home from the photo lab! Setup was easy on an XP machine. I havent tried duplex printing yet but im sure it works fine. Oh and as far as how loud it is...after the initial click which isnt very loud, it produces almost no noise at all while printing. Run your finger over a piece of paper from side to side a few times, thats about the noise that it makes. Other than the initial click, you could print while someone is sleeping in the room. It even has a quiet mode which I guess is supposed to make the click quieter but I see no need for it since its already pretty quiet. If youre considering a printer, just buy this one, you wont regret it!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Super duper printer!
    This printer is absolutely amazing.If I didn't know the price I would have assumed it to be over $200 because of its fantastic output.Colors are absolutely impeccable and vivid. Keep in mind that you can use this photo printer as a regular printer too.Print speeds are a lot better then my last HP printer.The included Easy-PhotoPrint software is awesome too... it allows you to crop images, remove blemishes, correct red-eye, correct lighting, and soften images... basically its like a professional photography service. Also keep in mind that this printer isn't exactly tiny... it is a little bit above average in size but by no means too large. Its ink cartridges are inexpensive and last a long time.I purchased my iP3000 with a PowerShot SD400 (super awesome too!) so with the $70 rebate I will get this printer for only $10 from Amazon!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great purchase, price, printer!
    This printer was not only a great price, but it does a fantastic printing job. Very easy to set up and prints photos with ease and excellent quality. Don't miss your chance to pick this up at the very reasonable price.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Perfect for only some people
    This is a sweet printer in most ways.The paper handling is great, the image quality is great, it is fast, and the ink is a resonable price.

    The downside?If you are thinking about using Linux even a little, ignore Canon Printers.The support is nonexistant. (I recently switched, and everything works great EXCEPT this printer.My HP works fine) ... Read more

    4. Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $199.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002KHZGK
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 691
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    PictureMate Personal Photo Lab Color Inkjet Printer ... Read more


    • 6-color pigment inks; resists fading for up to 200 years in archival sleeves
    • USB, memory card slots, optional Bluetooth; PC and Mac
    • 1-touch 4-by-6-inch lab-quality photo printing
    • Remarkably low operating cost, about 29 cents per print
    • 5,760 x 1440 dpi maximum resolution, 2.5-picoliter drops

    Reviews (55)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great for what it is supposed to do
    First let me say, I have a real 13" printer by Epson and do all of the color matching and correction when using it.

    Problem is that the workflow on the larger printer really doesn't meet the workflow needs of the wife.

    My wife has been using the picturemate for a year now and we have gone through probably 600 prints.It has been well worth it.The photos are exceptional.

    My ONLY complaint is the cropping it automatically does to fill the entire 4x6 when doing borderless.There really is no fit option on this printer to get it to print the entire original image for images that don't match the aspect ration of 4x6.But, it only bothers me and doesn't bother my wife.

    Looking at the user manual for the new version of the picturemate with the picture viewer, it looks like they have solved this problem on the new version.Because of this I would recommend getting the version with the picture viewer display.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Good prints for 48 hours then Black fades
    Ok I bought this for the supposedly long life of the ink. Then my dream were shattered by all the disclaimers. I have to live in a glass bubble to get those results.
    Then I noticed that the black when first printed looks absulotely great compared to my Canon 5000 but after 48 hours the black faded? I'm using Epson ink? Whats up Epson you optimize your ink for store sales?
    Now I know why there are so many lawsuits to you over yoru claims.
    Very Disatisfied!

    4-0 out of 5 stars A Little Dynamo
    I now have no excuse not to take pictures.The Epson Picture Mate is easy to use and the finished product is as good as or better than any photo lab.The one complaint that I hear and read about is the lack of a monitor.Since I review most of my pictures in the camera's monitor (Nikon coolpix 995) or enhance them with my computer, I hardly miss the monitor at all. If it prints too slowly for anyone, I suggest that you press the print button and go about your business.When you return, you wil have some of the finest quality (use the epson paper) longest lasting prints that you can obtain anywhere.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Prints, Beautiful price
    I love this handy little printer! I bought it a couple of weeks ago after shopping in quite a few stores looking at various photo printing machines, this one had the right price, and the right quality of print.

    The prints come out beautifully, very crisp. It has taken me a little time to learn my way around the software that came with the machine but it seems to be doing the job. The main reason I didn't give it 5 stars is it seems to print a slight bit crooked if the paper isn't in there perfectly every time. Yet it isn't enough to ruin a print either.... and the software does take a little time to learn and I wish there would of been a booklet with some quick info in it on how to use the software to its max. I adore quick cheat sheets.

    I just purchased this PictureMate printer for my wife's birthday and what an excellent gift it is!!Photos come out lab quality perfect..brilliant colors!Everything you could want in a personal printer. As for the problem many people have had with the printer cropping the picture when printing from a computer....if you have a scanner hooked up to your computer...bring your pictures up on the scanner program, select printpreview, then normal tile, then fit your picture to the entire tile square and print.....NO CROPPING....I get a beautiful complete UNCROPPED photo every time. If starting with a larger shot, simply resize the photo first OR center the oversized photo on the tile and whatever is inside the tile lines will print on the entire 4x6 photo. ... Read more

    5. Canon PIXMA iP4000 Photo Printer
    by Canon Office Products
    list price: $149.99
    our price: $117.74
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002GU16A
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon Office Products
    Sales Rank: 149
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    print resolution: 600 x 600 dpi black; 4800 x 1200 dpi color * direct photo printing with PictBridge-compliant cameras * two-sided printing * ContrastPLUS 5-color ink system * print sizes: letter (8-1/2" x 11"), legal, 4" x 6", 5" x 7", envelope * ... Read more


    • USB and parallel interfaces; PC and Mac compatible
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi color resolution, 600 x 600 dpi black
    • Up to 25 ppm black, 17 ppm color; 4-by-6-inch photo in about 36 seconds
    • ContrastPLUS 5-color ink system; built-in two-sided printing
    • Direct print port, PictBridge compatible

    Reviews (74)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Did not work straight out of the box!!
    Received this printer 6/6/2006.Brand new, straight out of the box it would not print due to a defective printer head.Called Canon immediately - they assured us they would send a new print head ASAP.Still nothing as of 6/14/2005 - turns out they have no printer heads available - but of course they will not take the product back.$$$ down the drain.Would be very, verycautious about Canon purchases in future!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Affordable photo/all purpose printer
    - affordable especially with all the rebate savings.
    - prints high quality photo.
    - prints photo fast.default setting prints 4x6 in 45 sec.
    - individual ink tanks lower ongoing cost
    - easy photo print software is very easy to use
    - paper can be autofed from tray

    - big and heavy

    5-0 out of 5 stars This is the one to get.
    After my Epson Stylus Photo 820 robbed me of vast quantites of money, paper, and faith in humanity, I weep with joy every time I print something with the Canon iP4000. Firstly, it's so cheap that you can hardly go wrong, but it's so good that you'll never go wrong. The photo quality is wonderful, the ink cannisters are bottomless, and the duplex printing (it can print on both sides without you having to do anything) is a fantastic paper-saving feature. I'm very happy with it.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Don't Use With External Print Server !!!!!
    This is probably a great printer - fast, brilliant output, quiet, great price, top notch review in PC Mag and C/Net and all sorts of other places.I will never get the opportunity to experience this brilliance however because this printer flat out don't work with with an external print server.

    Since I have 3 PCs that my family and I need to print from, since the printer is in the basement and none of the computers are there, I use an HP JetDirect external print server, meaning I don't have to dedicate an extra machine to run everyone's printing through.HP practically invented the print server, and I've never had a problem with any other printer - usually Epson.

    Canon tech support confirmed the printer is unsupported through a print server.They suggest the iP4000R with a wireless one built-in which I may buy and sell my HP print server on eBay or something.But the beauty of an external one is that I shouldn't have to spend extra to buy future printers with this capability.I did find some postings on newsgroups hinting that some people have been able to get this printer to work through a print server, but usually some capability was lost, some other printer's device driver had to be used, etc.and I don't think many people are willing to give up features.

    In the end as more features are stuffed into these printers, my guess is that this specialization will obsolete a lot of the printer servers out there.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A great printer (okay, except maybe for shipping labels)
    This is my fourth Canon printer, and generally I've been happy with all of them.Happier, on average, than I was with the three HPs.

    I bought this one because, what with the cost of photo paper (and inks, though Canons tend to be a bit lower in this department), I was reluctant to print out my growing libarary of digital photos at less than optimum quality.I had a 2 1/2 year old Canon S520, which did well but was still noticeably below a good commercial 35 mm print.

    Well, my wife needed a printer for her office at church, so she inherited the S520 and I sprung for the PIXMA.Good move.The photo quality is much better, now at least comparable to a 1-hour 35mm job.And, it's fast!A text page just blazes through.Not as razor sharp as my best HP, but you'd be hard pressed to notice without your nose down on it.

    The up side of the Canon system is the permanent print head.You don't throw it away, which makes ink tanks cheaper.However, be aware it's not really the half price you might be hoping for.My best guess is that I'm going 70% the distance of an HP cartridge of same rated quanitity. But at closer to half the price, I'm still ahead of the game, so no complaints here.Also, you don't throw a whole color cartridge away when one color runs out.Makes sense.

    Now, the down side is that, I assume, running ink through the same print head for years means you need an ink of greater fluidity so it is less likely to clog.And that is probably what makes it smeary for a bit longer as it dries. But with most office paper, you're fine in a few seconds, and with photos inside a minute or two. Thumbs off until then!

    Bottom line: if you're printing lots of smooth-coated shipping labels, like our one-star reviewer, you should look elsewhere.The Canon method is not for you.But me, I'm still a happy Canon camper. ... Read more

    6. Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer
    by Canon
    list price: $179.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002U419Y
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon
    Sales Rank: 576
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    print resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi color and black * built-in memory card reader for direct printing (accepts CompactFlash®, Microdrive®, SmartMedia®, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO, Secure Digital , MultiMediaCard; accepts xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Duo PRO and mini SD Cardwhen used with optional adapter) * 2-1/2" color LCD for viewing and editing images * direct photo printing with PictBridge-compliant cameras * print sizes: letter (8-1/2" x 11"), legal, credit card (approx. 3-3/8" x 2-1/8"), 4" x 6", 5" x 7", envelopes * ... Read more


    • Automatic 2-sided printing; 6 individual ink tanks
    • USB interface, Direct Print Port, IrDA port; PC/Mac compatible
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi color, droplets as small as 2 picoliters
    • Built-in 2.5-inch LCD to view, edit, and print, even from digital cameras
    • Direct printing from memory cards and PictBridge-compatible cameras

    Reviews (21)

    5-0 out of 5 stars get this printer!
    My PIXMA ip6000d arrived yesterday, and I have only printed three photos so far--two from a digital camera and one from a scanned print.But I am ecstatic and amazed at the quality I see.These photos are better prints than I have received from photo labs recently!The clarity of one image of my pet cockatiel on my shoulder is so detailed, that the texture of my t-shirt fabric is visible!Absolutely astounding!

    Two of the photos I've printed were both taken with a Canon digital camera, but the third was from a B&W print scanned to my computer, and I can't tell the difference from the scanned print-out to the original photograph.In this case, I feel that regardless of your brand of digital camera, quality will still be outstanding.

    My plans are to use this printer specifically for photo printing, so right now, I can't speak for document quality, but if you're looking for a photo-only printer, go no further.I can't recommend this printer highly enough.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Forget Epsons!!
    I've had many models of the Epsons in the past. Luckily, I purchased the additional warranty from the store I purchased them from. Within a few months, I was always bringing my Epson back to the store for malfunctions such as ink splattering, cranking noises, ink clogs, and the paper feed was just rediculous! Everytime, the store told me that I was able to just get a new printer from the shelf in exchange, and I always picked an Epson because of all the hype about how wonderful they are with photo printing, and how they're "supposedly" the best photo printers on the market. So with the last one, I decided to go with something other than Epson and came across this Canon. I couldn't be happier!!! Pictures turn out fantastic, its fast, color quality is faboulous, not noisey, and the ink doesn't clog or splatter. I love it so much that I purchased one for my mother so she can start printing.Overall, a fantastic printer!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great printer!
    I purchased this printer to use with my Kodak Easy Share camera back in November.I was surprised at the quality of the photos.I would recommend using Canon photo paper as the pictures looked the best on that.HP paper works well too.I also agree with the reviewer who said not to use Kodak photo paper with this printer.The pictures are very dull.I have printed more than 100 4 x 6 prints on this.Mostly, I print by inserting the memory card, but I've printed photos from the computer and directly from the camera.I couldn't see any difference in the quality. I printed an 8 x 10 print right from the memory card and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of that as well.I also like the fact that it has 6 ink tanks.I've just had to replace the two original photo inks, the regular inks are still going strong.Replacing one or two at a time is much easier on the pocket book!It is also nice to be able to print photos without having to power up the computer.Over all I'm very pleased with this printer and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys photography as a hobby.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Wow
    I just got this printer, and so far I am very impressed.I have only printed from my camera's memory card (inserted into the printer) so far, and I am so impressed with the quality of the photos. They are beautiful and look just as good as lab prints. It is incredibly easy to edit or print different photo sizes -- all using only the printer.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent Piece of Kit
    I've owned this wonderful piece of kit for a few months now, and it still impresses me every time I use it.

    It's always refreshing when something does the job first time, every time, without any fuss, bother or headache. It installed just fine; all instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow - even my mother could do it.

    Operationally, it's nigh-on silent, which is a relief (the last printer I owned, even though inkjet, sounded more like a daisy wheel), and having the six cartridges saves a lot of waste. It does seem to get through them at a rate of knots though, which is the only fault I have with it - its draft mode just isn't draft enough (I tend to print a lot of posters, and need to get them just-so).

    The quality of the prints is impressive, and for those that are concerned about printed photos versus real ones, don't be: printed photos don't bleed when wet, and the quality difference is almost impossible to distinguish (obviously, this is somewhat reliant on the quality of your camera). One tip though, don't use Kodak paper with this printer, the quality is terrible in comparison with other, cheaper, varieties.

    The memory card reader is great too, and not only can you print directly from it (borderless too), but it appears as a drive in My Computer as well (which is handy for me, meaning I don't have to dig out the wires for the camera to be able to get at the photos).

    Finally, the ability to print directly onto a CD sounds like a fad, but it's not. Being able to send professional-looking CDs/DVDs to friends, without having the effect ruined by handwritten labels is great. (I'm not aware of any limitation for priting in the US, this model was bought in the UK)

    Overall, I can't recommend this enough. For what it does, it should be twice the price. ... Read more

    7. Canon PIXMA iP5000 Photo Printer
    by Canon Office Products
    list price: $199.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002F9Y0A
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon Office Products
    Sales Rank: 447
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    print resolution: 600 x 600 dpi black; 9600 x 2400 dpi color * direct photo printing with PictBridge-compliant cameras * two-sided printing * ContrastPLUS 5-color ink system * print sizes: letter (8-1/2" x 11"), legal, credit card (approx. 3-3/8" x 2-1/8"), 4" x 6", 5" x 7", envelope * ... Read more


    • USB interface, Direct Print Port; PC and Mac compatible
    • Up to 600 x 600 dpi black resolution, 9,600 x 2400 dpi color
    • Up to 25 ppm black, 17 ppm color speed; borderless 4-by-6-inch photos in just 36 seconds
    • Directly supports PictBridge-compatible digital cameras and DV camcorders
    • ContrastPLUS ink system for realistic tones and economical replacement

    Reviews (25)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Driver doesn't work for Mac!
    I am using an iMac G5 with OS 10.3.9.Due to a scripting error in the printer's driver, the printer is a gorgeous paperweight!Canon and Apple haven't figured out why the driver won't work, since it works for some other Mac users.I hope you Wintel users out there enjoy this printer, but Mac users BEWARE!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Niceo
    There are many things I can say about this printer, but I'm not going to bother.Just buy it.:)

    There's no reason not to.It prints documents good enough and fast enough, and it prints photos to the same amount of quality as the originals.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good printer just don't use on Windows 64-bit
    What I liked.
    Print quality
    Duplexing, wastes less paper looks nicer.
    Separate ink tanks - $10-12 a tank, replace only the colors you ran out of.

    What I didn't like
    No drivers for Windows XP 64, there will be no drivers either. The line I got from Canon USA was buy a new printer. Don't bother buying if you are going to use it on a 64-bit Intel or AMD system, it flat out refuse to work.

    2-0 out of 5 stars 2nd best Pixma printer
    This one was ranked 7th overall in a recent Consumer Reports issue(may '05 pg.28) and scored only "fair" in graphics quality. It's lower priced cousin, the Pixma iP4000, was ranked #2, overall score in the excellent range and designated as a "CR best buy". The 5000 actually tested slower than the 4000 in both text speed(ppm) and 4x6 time. Admittedly, the superior 9600x2400 res. is impressive as is the 1pl droplet size. The 5 color ink tanks are a bit misleading as 2 of them are black. Canon printers are the best so don't waste money on HP,Epson, & Lexmark.

    To the reviewer below that stated that everybody uses 20 lb. paper, I use a "bright white" 24 lb. inkjet paper for everyday use (20 is too thin- better for fax & copy machines). Also, the reviewer incorrectly states the 5000 does not use the two black inks, in fact it uses the same ink tanks with 2 blacks(BCI-3eBK/6BK), just like the 4000.

    3-0 out of 5 stars iP4000 may be a little better than iP5000
    I'm repeating a post I made under the iP4000, the printer I bought, because these 2 printers are very similar. there may be something here that could impact your decision about the iP5000 (or be useful in your use of it) too.
    I knew I was going with a Canon printer because of their reputation for having reasonably priced ink compared to all the other manufacturers (hp being the most expensive to use). I intended to buy one from their PIXMA series (said to be the fastest printers on the market; all offer Duplex/two-sided printing which I wanted). I really struggled between their high-end iP8500 and mid-range iP5000 & iP4000. I ultimately eliminated the 8500 and 5000 because neither had dual black ink cartridges (4000 has a 13 ml. for photos, and a bigger 27 ml. one for text). In the 8500 I didn't want to have to be replacing 8 individual ink cartridges (some say those extra tanks don't really make much difference, just cost more). While the 5000 had greater resolution than the 4000, my decision was also impacted by what I thought was a reputable review (PC magazine, I believe). The review said that the 5000 generated better text and graphics than the 4000, however at the expense of photos that weren't as good and that printed slower. Another factor in my decision was that I could purchase the 4000 for 1/3 the retail price, dirt cheap compared to any other potential printer purchase out there. (Best Buy price matched with Office Depot, I had Best Buy RewardsZone certificates, a Best Buy gift card, and there was manufacturer rebate.)

    After a solid week of Internet research, I ultimately did purchase the 4000 and I am very pleased with it. Below I've summarized my observations from my first week of usage of my new printer. Maybe I can save somebody from some of the research effort that I put into this purchase.

    DESIGN: It's beautiful, but it's black shiny parts are potentially a dust-magnet. There's no printer cable included. I had a spare on hand (it uses USB 2.0 cable with A/B connectors). Radio Shack was less than Best Buy, at $24.99 for a 6-foot. You could do better on the Internet via or Error messaging is cool; just count the amber blinks of the usually green power button, then check your manual for what it means. This thing is FAST! Text ink is pigment-based (longer lasting, less fading, rated 75-80 yrs., I think) and the colors are dye-based (rated 25-30 years, I think). Duplex capability is awesome.

    POWER: Canon says they only recommend plugging the printer directly into a wall outlet. I have a Curtis Command Center power center, under my monitor. It conveniently locates power buttons for all of my computer components, as well as offering surge protection. I've used it for years with no difficulties. While I can turn my new printer off via the Curtis power buttons, I can't turn the printer back on with it. The actual button on the printer must be pressed to turn it back on. My printer is not located immediately next to the computer, so I now have to stand up to physically hit that actual printer button.

    QUIET MODE: For me, this feature is worthless. Canon says that using it will slow the print speed of the printer. Upon installation, this mode is turned off by default. In regular mode, this printer is pretty noisy when it starts out (much more than the hp DeskJet 825c that I just passed on to Mom), but when it's printing sounds like most every other printer I've used. When it's first starting out, some of those noises are a little scary, like something might be broken ... but it's not.

    AUTO-FEEDER (top): It doesn't hold the advertised 150 sheets for most of us. Canon bases that particular estimate on 17 lb. paper! (Who uses that?! Almost everybody uses 20 lb.!) My very first text prints were from the Auto Feeder (top). They all printed extremely crooked until I reduced the paper stack quite a bit.

    Standing in front of the printer, with a stack of paper inserted, it appears that the right bottom corner is forced to bend outward slightly from the printer design. Despite a number of attempts to reload the paper (after turning the paper various ways), this outward bend remained. (It can be kind of pressed into place though.) When I reduced the paper in the Auto Feed tray by half (that I'd previously filled to the capacity line marker), I still had the outward bend, but the crooked print problem was resolved.

    The manual offers this work-around for a continued problem: Use only 1 sheet of paper in the Auto Feeder, or place multiple pages there, but by one sheet at a time (vs. an entire stack all at once).

    PRINT SPEED: My printer is blazingly fast. I'm not experiencing any of the 15-second first page print delay that so many reviewers complain about with this printer. There's maybe a 5-second delay at most! Perhaps that delay sometimes occurs on the first print after you've switched between the auto-feed or cassette trays, but I am pretty much not experiencing any problem with this.

    INK DEPLETION OPTICAL SENSORS: They'll monitor the individual ink tanks. When a cartridge has less than 20% left, you'll be warned. Canon's printers will work with an empty cartridge, unlike the Epsons (they lock up until you replace).

    INK USE: This printer doesn't suck it down. I've been using it heavily for a week now, generating all kinds of highest quality 8x10", 5x7" and 4x6" photo prints on Canon's best papers, and all my ink tanks still look full. I'm amazed and impressed! Opened ink is recommended to be used up within 6 mos.

    BLACK INK: Canon's advised me that unless in Draft Quality mode (the only mode in which the black text ink cartridge is solely used), a small percentage of cyan and magenta ink will be used (for high-density/high-quality black text or photo-realistic quality images).

    DRAFT QUALITY DUPLEX TEXT IS FAINT: I can print Draft quality non-Duplex text that is perfectly acceptable. Despite numerous attempts to improve this for Draft quality Duplex, including trying a higher quality paper, there was no improvement. In Draft quality Duplex mode, the prints are almost like those from an old dot-matrix printer! I've only been able to get anything close to satisfactory when selecting Standard quality for Duplex printing. This doesn't make sense to me ... why should there be a difference just from selecting Duplex and changing nothing else. There has to be something different about the way the printer handles a Duplex vs. non-Duplex page. I sent an inquiry to Canon, and they really didn't explain why this occurs in their reply. "As Draft quality indicates sacrificing some print quality in order to achieve faster print output, if faster print output and duplexing are required, there may be a noticeable decrease in quality."

    PAPER MEDIA OPTIONS: Some of the Canon info materials are not current, but Canon confirmed for me that this printer will print any media listed in the driver's Properties selection, including Transparencies and T-Shirt transfers. (The driver does not list Credit Card or Stickers media.) Because Canon's bundled software is distributed with a number of their printer models, media choices that will not work with your particular printer model could appear in them. The 4000, cannot print to Credit Card media (the 5000 may be able to, but I've already mentioned why I didn't select that model). I don't believe it can print Stickers either. I inquired with Canon about why they state not to print to postcard media, but they didn't answer my question. Note that while Canon recommends you not use non-Canon media above 28 lbs. with this printer, you'll find numerous online reviews that state this is incorrect. Perhaps Canon just wants to drive sales of its own media.

    CANON PHOTO PRO & PLUS MEDIA: I printed 4x6 glossy media samples of both, the two highest levels in their line. While the Pro paper had a bit heavier weight to it, it didn't have much print quality difference from the Plus paper. I don't feel the Pro paper is worth its exorbitant price; there's just not enough of a difference. The Plus paper is a bit lighter weight, but it's nice too; and it prices out to match my local Wal-marts digital photo prints. I even used an 8x photo loupe to really examine them closely. A loupe's an inexpensive and really worthwhile purchase from your local camera shop (Natl. Camera Exchange, etc.) if you really want to look at a photo (or anything else) really up close. Amazing just how much texture you'll see when looking at a plain piece of copy paper!

    BLACK & WHITE PRINTS: Some complain about the quality of these photos on the Canon printers. I read a recommendation to use Canon Matte Photo Paper for the best results. I also read that matte prints will last 4x as long as a glossy print, and when stored behind glass or plastic could potentially last forever (from fading, deterioration).

    CD/DVD LABELS: I talked with an Epson rep in an Office Depot store a few weeks ago. He said that Epson holds the U.S. patent for direct-printing on CD/DVDs and that this is why Canon can't offer the feature yet (he said that patent would be expiring soon). You'll see that the Canon printers are almost set up for it (cover blocks area and parts are missing, except in the UK version which does offer the feature). Canon says that they just "choose" to not offer this feature in the U.S. market, although they know that "Epson and at least 5 other printer manufacturers in the USA are releasing direct CD/DVD print features." As an alternative, I asked Canon for a recommendation of a standard adhesive label media that would work acceptably, but they didn't answer my question. This isn't a feature I figured that I'd be likely to use a lot, so it's not very important to me. My research showed there are lots of disadvantages to using it anyway (takes forever to dry, not waterproof, doesn't look as good as adhesive labels). For info on this, check out He's got an entire section just on this topic.

    CASSETTE TRAY IS CONFUSING: It took me a bit to figure out how to operate this and I don't like how the sliders don't move easily. Pretty cheaply made. Hope it will be redesigned better in a future model, but this isn't a big issue for me.

    WHICH TRAY TO USE: Many reviewers say they keep photo paper in the cassette to keep it protected from dust etc. Reputable sources say it is not a good idea to keep photo paper in the cassette for any length of time because the paper will begin to age (yellow). They recommend inserting photo paper into the auto feeder instead (top vertical tray), only on an as-needed basis. This also keeps photo paper from having to go through a tighter turning print path. The cassette's U-path can lead to jams and cracked paper coatings. The J-path of the auto feeder is a more gentle turning print path. I keep plain paper in my cassette and use the auto feeder intermittently for photo paper and other needs.

    BUNDLED SOFTWARE: This stuff is usually junk, but I do like all 3 programs Canon includes: Easy PhotoPrint (no-brainer photo printing), Photo Record (scrapbook generator) and Easy-Web Print (no more Internet prints with a cutoff right margin!). Easy-WebPrint doesn't seem to have a way that you can designate a print page range though, which is it's only negative (especially when you're Duplex printing and there's a 3rd page with just a single line of text; the printer has to print that single line as well as pulling it back in for Duplex to print a blank page!). It does offer printing just a selection from a web page though (so I forgive it a little for that!).

    MAINTENANCE: I haven't had any issues with nozzles clogging (Epson sounds like its notorious for this), but my ownership is early yet. recommends running a color print once a day to help prevent this. He also recommends not running the CLEAN NOZZLES function very often, because it moves some ink into the printers waste tank. If the waste tank gets filled, you'll need to pay to have the printer serviced to empty it. He says it's better to do some photo prints instead to limit the possibility of this occurring.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: Canon's replies to my e-mails have been unusually fast, which has impressed me. I made numerous inquiries and their replies usually came the very same day, often within a few short hours. They seem personalized too ... not the canned replies from so many others (that often don't really answer the questions asked). Terrific job on that, even though they ignored a couple of things that I asked. They even have a dedicated toll-free number than you can use as much as you'd like for the first 30-days you have the printer.
    EXCELLENT RESOURCES: During my research, I found these websites to be particularly useful:, and Neil's got some excellent info on alternate sources of paper and ink, where you can clearly save some money. It's clear to me that buying from your local store is NOT your best option! Use the Internet. If you don't have much time for investigating, as usual can beat any local store on prices and product availability. eBay can have some great deals too. Of course Internet purchases require a little planning.

    SUMMARY: There are good and bad points to all printers available, but I am very satisfied with this purchase. I tried to just detail the info that I wish I had found all in one place. Hopefully it helps you!
    ... Read more

    8. Canon PIXMA iP90 Photo Inkjet Printer
    by Canon Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI)
    list price: $249.99
    our price: $215.64
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002OG6L6
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI)
    Sales Rank: 849
    Average Customer Review: 2.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Pixma iP90 Color Photo Printer ... Read more


    • USB interface, PC and Mac compatible
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi color, 600 x 600 dpi black
    • Up to 12 ppm color print speed, 16 ppm black
    • PictBridge support for direct-from-camera photo printing
    • Wireless printing with IrDA and optional Bluetooth

    Reviews (1)

    2-0 out of 5 stars A disappointment
    I was looking for a portable printer and this one was advertised as for home or on the road. Man, what a disappointment. For the price, this is a real loser. It is way too big. The cartridges are too small if you are buying it for fine color prints. It smears on photo gloss paper. I wanted something small that I can take in the same bag as my laptop. I had to put this in my checked luggage. For a much cheaper price, I could have got a regular small desktop printer and would have gotten much better results. I mean this printer was suppose to replace my BJC-50, a real portable, and now it sits in my office as I have to go find something much smaller. ... Read more

    9. HP PhotoSmart 375 Compact Photo Printer
    by Hewlett Packard Office
    list price: $235.00
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002MK9X4
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
    Sales Rank: 1404
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    PhotoSmart 375 Photo Printer ... Read more


    • USB, memory card, and PictBridge interfaces; optional Bluetooth; PC/Mac
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi color, 1,200 x 1,200 black
    • Color 4-by-6-inch photos in as fast as 60 seconds
    • 2.5-inch flip-up color LCD to preview, select, and enhance photos
    • Simple one-touch buttons; prints stills from video clips

    Reviews (29)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Great little printer, but....
    I like that it's compact and has good features built in, especially the battery, but the image quality don't quite live up to it being a true photo printer.To those who have this printer, tilt the picture a bit under the light, and you'll see the colors are not smooth, making it appear the subjects or objects are pasted on the paper, including obvious showing of dithering.At least it is true when printed on HP paper; however, looks more realistic and looks like a true photo when printed on my leftover Canon glossy paper.Ink smears are also another problem area for this printer.I have HP 2710 and and has same problems with photo print outs on that printer.HP375B was strictly for the photos and is going back and will be exchanged with just released Epson Picturemate Deluxe, which appears to not have these shortcomings.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Good value & performance
    Easy to setup and use. Good quality pictures (hard to tell from regular prints). It takes about 1 minute per print. I haven't made enough pictures to know how long the cartridge will last. For taking digital photos and making 4x6" prints, its a great product.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Outstanding Results
    Works as advertised.I had it out of the box and printing beautiful pictures in 10 minutes.This was the perfect gift for my non-technical wife who just wanted to push a button and get a picture.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Terrible service
    My wife and I wasted hours and hours trying to get HP service. HP has outsourced customer service to several developing countries, and each time we called, the representatives were unable to locate the record of our previous call.We were told time and again that we would be contacted by a "case manager" but that never happened. After weeks of trying, it became obvious that we need to discard the product (still under warrantee) and buy a new (non-HP) product ourselves.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Totally Awesome!!
    I decided I wanted a photo printer just for printing photos. Consumer Reports gave this printer the highest marks for photo quality so it caught my interest. When I looked closer I saw this model has the large-size photo preview screen and it accepts memory cards from all digital cameras. Now my friends and family can come to my house and print photos during parties and other events. It is so great to get the photos instantly from my camera and into my hands. This little printer sits on my kitchen counter at all times. The photo quality is amazing and it is so easy to use. What a winner! ... Read more

    10. Epson Stylus Photo R800 Inkjet Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $399.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000WA8CI
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 2625
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Experience the power and speed of the Epson Stylus Photo R800. Print brilliant archival quality glossy and matte photos! The world's first printer with 1.5- picoliter ink droplets and up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi, this revolutionary performer gives new meaning to quality and detail. And, it provides eight individual cartridges, including matte black ink and a unique gloss optimizer, for professional results every time - no matter what the paper type.Durable Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss pigment inks deliver long-lasting portraits, landscapes and more on virtually any media, including ink jet printable CD/DVDs and 4" and 8.3" roll paper. It also prints borderless photos in convenient, frame-ready sizes. And, with innovative PRINT Image Matching II technology, you'll get brilliant prints automatically from popular digital cameras.The Epson Stylus Photo R800 offers groundbreaking quality and performance, for perfect prints made to last. With Epson Software Film Factory, Epson Print CD software, and premium ICC Profiles, this affordable ink jet offers a complete photographic solution for many creative projects. Whisper-quiet operation and fast built-in connectivity make it an ideal fit for any home or studio, while high-speed performance makes it the perfect printer for quickly creating show-stopping high-gloss prints.

    ... Read more


    • True border-free photo printing in popular photo sizes
    • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and IEEE 1394 FireWire interfaces
    • Up to 5,760 x 1,440 optimized dpi resolution, 1.5-picoliter droplets
    • Up to 17 ppm black text, 5-by-7-inch photo as fast as 45 seconds
    • Prints directly onto inkjet-printable CDs and DVDs

    Reviews (34)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely the best prints from digital pictures!
    I just upgraded from the Epson 1270 1440 dpi printer to the Epson R800.While I loved the 1270 color prints, I find the R800's print's absolutely amazing!Even 8 x 10 blowups from a cropped 4Mega Pixel jpeg, zoomed to 2x it's cropped size, show absolutely no pixelation or edge artifacts (jagged edges to objects); and the gloss cartridge really finishes the pictures so they are undistinguishable from lab photos!

    While the individual color cartridges cost around $14.00 each for genuine Epson, it may actually work out no more expensive than replacing the 6 color 1270 cartridge ($35) when one color runs out.

    Great product, Epson!

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great printer for the money.
    I have read the other reviews and wanted to throw my opinion in. We have purchased one of these printers at work. I have turned out some really nice stuff on them. However,...

    The one reviewer who said that the artwork on the discs is flat is correct. It is dull compared to the brilliant colors on the glossy paper I use for the Jewel case inserts. Still it looks alot more professional than the stick on labels that were previously used. I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that it does only print to PRINTABLE CD/DVD's. Don't buy this thinking you are going to slip in the leftovers from that spindle you bought (unless you slap the label on first of course).

    The printer does only print on cd/dvd's using the Epson software. Near as I can tell other label software assumes you are using a sheet of paper and use a software based template.That template is in a corner of where a sheet of paper would be. The Epson however, prints on a special disc tray that sits in the center. The two techniques seem incompatible.This was a little frustrating as the Epson software was limiting in the design aspect as it has poor support for graphic formats such as PNG or TGA with transparenies in them.
    As a work around,I have been using roxio to design my discs then "save lable design as image file". Then I bring the finished image in and plunk it down in the Epson software. I'm certain you could do the same thing in Photoshop/Illustrator, if you had the proper template.

    As for the travel play in the insert tray (try saying that 10 times fast), the Epson appears to use a system to calibrate the tray position at each printing (Infra-red I am guessing)

    I have only had the printer for two weeks so I cannot attest to claims of track marks or other problems that some have claimed after having the printer for months.

    5-0 out of 5 stars So far, it's great!
    Got this printer for a gift, without doing research on my own.What a thrill!Have had no trouble with ink as one reviewer said.Yes, it's expensive; it's not a toy.This is also not what I'd recommend if most of your printing is text.There are cheaper ways to send your 2000-page first novel to fifty relatives.This is THE ONE Professional photogs use for archival prints.It's NOT an ink jet printer, this ink is made of pigments, not dyes, and will not fade when used with the premier line of Epson photo papers.It prints cds perfectly, and I'm using old cheap ones with the stick on labels to clean out my supply rather than buy the printable ones.The programs for those never got right on the margins like this Epson R800 does.I did have just one photo that came out too red.It was a red toned pic of roses and the whole thing printed ruddy.But, that's adjustable with the Adobe photoshop CS software, and every other photo I've done has magnificent color and brilliant resolution.It's a keeper.I'm just a beginner as a photographer, but this makes me look good.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Awesome printer.
    I can't believe how great my pictures are...

    This is a top notch photo printer. I've waited and read a lot before buying this puppy but I couldn't be happier.

    I'm stunned at the few negative comments here. They're probably coming from people using cheap compatible ink cartriges and non-Epson paper.

    You can't go wrong. Go ahead and buy the R800.

    1-0 out of 5 stars R800 is unreliable, too expensive & variable quality
    This is my second--and last--Epson printer. I've had this junk since July, 2004.

    I would have bought a Canon or an HP this time around but bought the R800 Epson (the stinkin' four HUNDRED dollar Epson) for one reason: it prints directly onto DVDs. The tipping point to decide on the $400 model? It has pigment inks that will last longer...IF THE INK EVER DECIDED TO COME OUT AND ONTO THE PAPER. But I'm yelling.

    Because I have had so many failed prints, I lost interest in printing and the printer sits idle and unused most of the time. Thus the print heads dry and clog up. I can't tell you how much ink (at $95 per complete cartridge set replacement cost) I have wasted in bad prints because the printer heads malfunctioned or the color came out wrong.

    At first the print quality was stunning. Then it simply started printing too red. I contacted Epson "support" (what a joke) who eventually said they were having problems with the SP2 XP upgrade messing with the Epson driver. I downloaded the new driver. Still way too red. Flesh tone came out bright red and over saturated. It was so frustrating I simply quit printing and decided to take my Nikon D70's files to a photo finisher. Faster, cheaper and more reliable.

    Believe me, don't bother with a printer if you think 1) it's cheaper or 2) faster. It's neither. And it's not even better in quality depending on how good your photo finisher is. A good color photo will last longer than any inkjet print. More durable and water resistant, too.

    But I bought the R800 so I could print onto DVDs.

    So tonight, knowing I had not used it in weeks, I wisely ran the Print Head Utility and verified that the heads were cleaned and unclogged (wasting yet more precious ink in the process). I then printed out a passably good DVD. Don't think it's anything to write home about: the print quality on a printable CD or DVD is not anywhere near glossy photo paper. Photo printing onto a DVD is dull and flat...not very exciting at all. But at least it's not on peel-and-stick label paper.

    I printed a second DVD right away. True to form, even after the head cleaning routine, the black head cloged half way through printing and the lower half of the DVD is shot. Thanks again Epson. Even after the head cleaning routine (that takes about five minutes) it fails again and ruins a $1.50 printable 8x DVD. It's done this to many pieces of high quality glossy photo paper, too, wasting ink, paper, money and time. What a piece of garbage.

    And it happens again and again. I just want to scream. And Epson support is nowhere to be found.

    And just try figuring out all the color settings. Good luck. Let's see, under Color Management in print setup, should I use Color Controls, PhotoEnhance or ICM mode? If I use the ICC/ICM profile, should I select "off" or "applied by Printer Software"? What's the difference and when does one use which setting? Who knows? I dare you to find the documentation that even explains the sttings, much less actually helps you make a good print the first time.

    Now, if you don't mind printing three or four to get one, go for it. And keep your wallet out. Those massive .5cc "tanks" (that should more accurately be called thimbles) empty faster than you can say "Replace Ink Tanks for $95." I love the way Epson puts a sales web link right in the print window titled "Buy Ink" so you can go straight to the Epson site and plunk down full price plus shipping for more ink that will clog and be blown out the head cleaning utility, and then clog anyway.

    If you have to buy an Epson, don't waste your money on the R800. Get the $100 model R200. That way when you throw it away it won't hurt so bad.

    Never Epson again. ... Read more

    11. HP PhotoSmart 8450 Inkjet Printer
    by Hewlett Packard Office
    list price: $279.50
    our price: $189.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002MK9IE
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
    Sales Rank: 1036
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    thermal inkjet printing (up to 4800 x 1200-optimized dpi, or dots per inch, when printing from a computer onto photo paper) * multi-cartridge system (prints in up to 8 inks) * PhotoREt Pro premier color layering technology for superb, accurate colors and extremely smooth gradations * 2-1/2" LCD for viewing and editing photos before printing * direct printing from compatible HP Photosmart digital cameras or any PictBridge-enabled camera * ... Read more


    • USB, Ethernet, and PictBridge interfaces; PC and Mac compatible
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi color, 1,200 x 1,200 black, or 8-ink color
    • Up to 20 ppm black and color speed, 4-by-6 photo as fast as 27 seconds
    • 2.5-inch LCD to rotate, crop, zoom, and remove red-eye before printing
    • Frame-by-frame video printing; slots for digital-camera memory cards

    Reviews (16)

    5-0 out of 5 stars So Great!!!
    I'm a digital artist and so I need to print high quality renders of my work and this printer is awesome for that.When my last hp printer started to die out after lasting 4 years and producing hundreds of prints I didn't hesitate to buy another hp and acutrally I still have the old one for back-up and printing stuff from the web.After having the hp photosmart 8450 for a couple of weeks now all I can say is good things about it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Printer
    This printer has far exceeded my expectations.It is easy to use and makes wonderful photos.the only thing I don't like is it goes thru the ink very fast and the ink is expensive.

    5-0 out of 5 stars My best printer EVER
    This is my 6th or 7th home printer. I have had every brand made for home use. Although I have never bought a top of the line model, this printer was priced in the same price range as all my others.

    All I can say about the quality of this printer is WOW. I would have NEVER done digital scrapbooking or desktop publishing with my other printers, as the color was never this good, and they all always had stripes or someother flaw in the printing.Every printer I buy, thinking I can print photos still leaves me buying prints online or from one of the stores.

    I love this printer.The colors are exact and FLAWLESS. I havent even used a quarter of the features this printer has, and my mind is blown at the quality for the price!!!

    The only negative, and I am stretching here, is the size of it.. Its kinda big, but other than that, I highly recommend it for those who really want to print their own pictures at home. I too have printed 20+ 8x10's and (I dont even know how many 4X6's) andmy print levels are still above half!!

    I will never buy another brand other than HP!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Absoultely Amazing
    I have owned MANY top end printers including the $700 EPson 2200, and Canon I9100, Epson R800, etc.

    This HP is amazing. Best printer I have ever owned and prints that are better than ANY I have ever seen from ANY printer or lab. MAKE sure you only use HP paper as teh ink is forulated for use with their paper only. For eyeball popping quality, buy some HP premium plus papers and prepare to be amazed. The blacks are deep, the colors accurate and vivid. At this price, it KILLS my Epson R800 which was almost 2X the $$. The Epson is now clogged and useless, and teh HP will never get clogged due to the print heads being built in each cartridge!

    Buy it and you will like it. HP has come a long way over the pasy couple of years, and with their new printers (8450 and 8750) they should be #1. Trust me, Ive owned all three top brands top of the line machines and this is my all time fave. Ill also buy the 8750 for 13X19 when it is released. Its that good.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Beautiful outcome of every photo!
    I received my printer today and printed out some wedding photos I had taken the previous weekend.
    I am overwhelmed by the quality of the pictures.My family's mouths dropped open when they saw them.I was asked, ( That printer did that?) ... Read more

    12. Epson Stylus Photo 1280 Inkjet Printer (Silver)
    by Epson
    list price: $549.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B000086A2I
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 2766
    Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    The Big Picture Without Borders

    The EPSON Stylus® Photo 1280S ink jet printer is the ideal large-format choice. It creates beautiful 8" x 10" prints in less than two minutes, incredible 11" x 14" prints in less than four minutes, and inspiring 13" x 44" panoramas faster than ever.

    Furthermore, this printer offers superior BorderFree™ printing for photo quality results that print right to the edge, delivering stunning 6-color prints. It produces captivating borderless 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10", letter-size, 11" x 14" and 13" x 19" color photos on a variety of Epson photo papers, which are pre-cut in these popular, frame-ready sizes.

    The EPSON Stylus Photo 1280S creates memorable results on everything from gallery exhibition prints to portfolio prints, duplicates, soft proofs, and enlargements. Epson also offers a variety of media ranging from matte to glossy to luster, for just the right print.

    For such exquisite output (up to 2880 x 720 dpi), you can thank Epson's award-winning, advanced Micro Piezo™ ink jet technology, tiny 4-picoliter variable-sized ink droplets, smooth AcuPhoto Halftoning™ and quick-drying inks. Due to this combination of technologies, your prints will feature fine shadow detail, dazzling highlights, and accurate skintones.

    Factor in laser sharp black text, easy compatibility with Windows® and Macintosh®, plus software that includes EPSON Software™ Film Factory™ and Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 2.0 (LE for Windows 95 or Mac 0S 8.5x users), and you get one big deal for photo enthusiasts seeking unforgettable borderless, 6-color results from a large format printer.

    • Superior, 6-color Photo Ink System
    • True BorderFree™ photo printing in 6 popular sizes
    • 4-picoliter variable-sized ink droplets
    • Water-resistant and lightfast media ... Read more


      • USB and parallel interfaces; PC and Mac compatible
      • 6-color photo ink system
      • True borderless photo printing in 6 popular sizes
      • 2,880 x 720 dpi maximum resolution
      • 4-picoliter variable-sized ink droplets for fine detail

      Reviews (31)

      3-0 out of 5 stars Good but not great
      When this printer was introduced about 3 years ago it was clearly the best printer in its class.The prints looked nearly as good as lab prints, and the large format and built-in roll feeder gave options available nowhere else.But compared the best of today (Canon), the Epson 1280 comes up short in print quality and cost of operation.

      Many people seem to complain about the multiple color ink cartridge, and blame that for the high ink consumption.I can say this is not true.Producing and marketing a three ink cartridge is no where near as costly as 3 times single-color cartridges.But Epson printers DO consume lots of expensive ink.

      Besides the cost, I have two complaints: 1) prints invariably have a reddish hue (even though I am using Photoshop with native color profiles), and 2) the management of the roll feeder is clumsy invariably wasting expensive paper.

      1-0 out of 5 stars Not for Macs
      This cross-platform printer works fine with Windows. However, its Mac drivers are near useless. The prints are off center and the images fill 2/3 of a sheet. There are no layout options with the Mac drivers. I have written Epson 5 times - no response. I spent $15 for useless Epson Support. Mac users - look elsewhere!

      1-0 out of 5 stars what a dissappointment!
      I did not buy this printer to print photos, so that may be why I'm unhappy with it. I bought the printer expecting it to print out renderings, plans, and presentations for school.

      My first problem is that it DOES NOT print borderless at 11 x 17. If you read the specs carefully you can determine this, but it isn't readily apparent. It prints borderless at every size except for 11 x 17, which is the standard presentation size in many design programs. Also, it takes almost an entire ink cartridge to get one good print - the ink is always smearing or leaving droplets of cyan or magenta on the page as it prints out.

      I think this printer was a waste of money, and if I had to do it all over again I would spend more money on a better quality printer, because I know I would save the money in the end on ink.

      In short this printer has been a source of frustration and a huge headache.

      1-0 out of 5 stars don't buy
      This printer is crap. It makes great prints when it works correctly but it never ever works correctly. I've always had problems with it that I've managed to fix eventually but after my warranty ran out it started printing these pink lines and there's nothing at all I can do to get rid of them. I even called epsons customer support and I have to pay money to even talk to someone. And it says nothing about the problems on their website. Also it goes through ink like crazy and the ink is expensive.

      3-0 out of 5 stars Second Time Lucky
      Jan 21 2005:

      I recently bought a 1280 after having owned an Epson 740 for several years.Because I had had such good results with the 740, and because the 1280 was recommended to me, I had high expectations.Unfortunately, I was disappointed.The prints had a strong magenta color cast and "banding" in blue sky areas.I tried to correct the color cast (about -7 magenta),but could not get good results.The banding I could not correct and that condemned the printer for me.Thus I had to go through the painful process of returning the printer to the store.

      After having read a LOT of printer reviews, I am wondering if perhaps the increase in the number of inks has greatly increased the difficulty of achieving both color balance and evenness of color.With four variables it was hard, but with six, seven, or eight colors it is probably much more difficult to achieve.I wonder if manufacturers are being forced to sacrifice good color balance and evenness of color for highlight and shadow detail.

      I was also struck by the high expectations we users have for these inkjet printers.I think that basically they are ok for home use, but when we start using them professionally, they are are little marginal.

      I also looked at the Canon 9900 and the Epson 2200, but they were a little out of my price range.

      Update Mar 23 2005:

      I bought another 1280, and this one seems to work much better - no strong magenta cast.I also found that I had to dial down the saturation a LOT (i.e. 20 points on a scale of 25) to get natural looking prints.That should also save on ink consumption.Also, I found that a 10 foot USB cable didn't work properly on the Mac (i.e. the printer would spit out the paper part way through printing); a 6 foot cable works much better. ... Read more

    13. Epson PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition Photo Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $249.99
    our price: $237.49
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0009EUFI4
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 495
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition Personal Photo Lab Color Inkjet Printer ... Read more


    • More photo options, including mini-wallets, fun Disney borders, and BorderFree
    • Premium 2.4-inch photo viewer for selecting and editing images
    • PC-free photo printing from all popular digital camera memory cards
    • Photos as brilliant and affordable as lab prints, but last 2-4 times longer
    • Water, smudge and fade-proof prints with up to 200-year album life

    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Absolutely great portable printer!
    I've returned the HP375b printer for this one, and what an amazing printer.No more going to a photo lab or uploading to online photo labs, this 6 color ink printer produces stunning pictures everytime.I got a battery with this printer, and it is amazing how convenient it is to just take the printer and the camera whereever I want to be, then just sit and print.As they've indicated, the pictures are smudge and waterproof, making it easier to handle right after printing them.The 6 color ink cartridge is a single unit, and it is a cinch to change them when needed.

    The printer has a USB port in the back that can be used to connect to a PC or other USB devices for backup or from which to read the pictures to print.I've never had the chance to backup the pictures from memory cards to a CD-writer, as my memory cards are at least 1GB each and have found the CD writers to be past its time.However, the printer did not have any problem reading from other USB flash cards or from my 60Gig portable hard drive.A support to write to a DVD writer would be a plus with possibly from next firmware release of this printer.

    Only inconvenient thing the others may find is that the Pict Bridge connection is located on the back of the printer, rather than the front, where it is more convenient to handle the wires.I, however, found that it is more convenient to just take the memory card out of the camera and plug it into the printer cardreader.

    I don't like wires, and all my devices, including my laptops, are portable, so this printer is a great addition to my overall system.This is a must have item if you love taking pictures, and a battery is a must have accessory.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    This product is incredible.I know photography, and I'm fussy about quality- these pictures honestly look like they were professionally developed.Plus, with the new color screen on the delux model, it is SO easy to look through your pictures and decide which to print.It's also incredibly easy to zoom in and crop the pictures before you print them! If you have a digital camera, you NEED this printer so that your pictures dont just sit in a folder on your computer, yet you dont have to go out to print them. A must buy! ... Read more

    14. HP PhotoSmart PSC 2610 All-in-One Printer
    by Hewlett Packard Office
    list price: $299.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002YH8AY
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
    Sales Rank: 1067
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Make this versatile printer "action central" by networking it to all the PCs in your home. Everyone will have dibs on the same fast, crisp black text and great color printing, photo editing with HP Image Zone, red-eye removal, and lots more.


    • Get awesome results with the 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi and four-ink color, six-ink color (sold separately), or professional-quality black and white
    • Print and copy faster, at up to 30 pages per minute in black, up to 20 in color; get a 4 x 6" snapshot in as little time as 27 seconds
    • Preview, select, and print photos without a PCdirectly from a memory card1using the 2.5" display or proof sheet feature and a compatible HP PictBridge-enabled camera
    • Remove red eye and crop photos with the 2.5" color display and front-panel buttons
    • Print photos directly from your camera phone, PDA, handheld, or other Bluetooth® wireless device
    • Print and copy snapshots with or without borders on standard-size and panorama paper
    • Print frame-by-frame from video clips using the proof sheet
    • Share your favorite images with your family and friends using HP Instant Share™
    • Stay ahead of ink cartridge replacement with HP SureSupply
    • Resist photo fading for longer than traditionally processed photos last
    Note: An integrated digital media card reader is included.

    ... Read more


    • 2,400 x 4,800 dpi scan resolution, 48-bit color
    • USB, PictBridge, and 802.3 Ethernet connectivity; PC and Mac compatible
    • Color prints, photo prints, copies, scans, and faxes
    • Up to 30 ppm print speed, up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi resolution
    • Up to 30 cpm, reduces and enlarges 25 to 400%

    Reviews (35)

    4-0 out of 5 stars Printer works great, but took work to get there
    I have had the printer for 5 months and frankly wonder how I lived without it.This is my first all-in-one, and I have never had the ability to frax, scan or copy before and I can't imagine going back to just a printer again.All of these functions work either as I expected or usually better than I expected.For instance, when scanning from the printer I can pick which PC it goes to, I do not have to be at the PC to control the scan.Fax works great with my answering machine.Chose copies in color or B&W.The display is simple to read and navigate.

    What I did not like was the software install.I configured the printer to connect directly to my network router.You cannot set a static IP, this may cause some incontinence for some, not a problem with my router though. I installed the software on both my desktop and my laptop.Everything seemed to work fine.The next day I went to work and my laptop worked very poorly.After doing some troubleshooting I found that one of the HP proces was looking for the network printer IP every minute or so, and would have to wait on a timeout.These delays made the laptop unusable.Finally uninstalled the HP software and everything worked fine again.

    I was able to get an update to the software that fixed this problem but it did not come with the initial update which I found strange..A USB install is probably fine, I am glad I did not have to go this route though.The install reminded me of installing Office, it is a lot of software.The software itself seems mediocre to me, certainly nothing I can live without except the OCR which is basically functional.I personally did not like software that tries to make albums of every scan/photo you put on the hard disk.The software is functional and works, but no WOW factor or feeling that you got something great.

    Overall though I got what I wanted and a bit more in the hardware, it even makes up for the software that came with it.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Nightmare!
    This product claims to be compatible with Windows 98.When I installed the software, my computer became totally messed up.I spent DAYS online and on the phone with their tech people and ended up getting nowhere.My computer kept locking up, I couldn't load any software for printers because the computer kept telling me the ports were no longer there, many of my programs would not even work and all my data was lost.I ended up having to get a whole new computer.Their tech support was useless and their corporate office told me basically "tough luck", and refused to do anything.Totally ruined my $1,400 computer!Don't buy this (or anything else from HP since they refuse to make good on damage their products cause).

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great features in a small package
    This is the first "All in One" I've purchased, and I'm very pleased so far.
    It was easy to set up, and I've had no software problems (Mac user).
    The strealined, compact overall size is a plus, copy speeds excellent, photo colors
    true and crisp (especially with proper photo paper).The flip-up read-out
    window is a nice and useful touch.Excellent overall for under $300.

    Have owned the HP Photosmart 2610 for less than six months and have had nothing but problems.I agree with other reviewers that the software is a problem.Additionally, I get constant paper jams, even though I only use HP paper, and the printer does not print correctly, text is cut off or it just doesn't print.

    Tried calling Customer Support...good luck to anyone trying.First, you need to keep asking them to repeat things because they cannot even speak proper English.Second, HP does not offer any options to service the malfunctioning printer other than they'll send a replacement which is nothing more than an old printer which has been refurbished.Sure, just what I want to inherit more problems.Called the Executive Offices, did not solve my problem.Bottom line, HP does not care about the consumer, or the quality of products it is putting out on the market.And, standing behind their products...does not exist.A word of advice to anyone contemplating buying a printer, stay clear of HP.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Great Printer!!
    I don't know what problems people have been having with the software, but I have to say this is an amazing printer for the home or office.I would recommend this printer to anyone who wants an all in one that can perform like an office grade printer/copier.I have had NO issues with the software instillation and the printer works beautifully; nothing has crashed either.The software works with this printer and the other HP photo printer I have and there are NO conflicts.I would suggest you try it out for yourselves.Personally, I am glad I bought it; perhaps you will be too. ... Read more

    15. HP Photosmart 2710 All-in-One Printer
    by Hewlett Packard Office
    list price: $399.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002YT0J6
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
    Sales Rank: 2253
    Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan


    • 2,400 x 4,800 dpi scan resolution, 48-bit color
    • Ethernet, wireless 802.11g/b, USB, PictBridge interfaces; PC/Mac
    • Produces color prints, copies, scans, and faxes
    • Up to 30 ppm print speed; up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi resolution
    • Up to 30 cpm, reduces and enlarges 25 to 400%

    Reviews (36)

    5-0 out of 5 stars No sweat
    First of all, I thoroughly read all of the reviews of this product (and other related HP printers) before I went ahead and purchased it.I was skeptical to say the least, especially after all the software nightmare stories, but this printer has all the functions I need so I went ahead and bought it.

    My main computer is a Mac, running Tiger, and setup was a breeze.Because of all the horror stories I literally went word by word, step by step for the setup, and maybe that's why setup was so easy.The software installed within minutes (like, under five) and I was up and running all-told within about 1/2 hour.My computer was not able to find the proper drivers to add the printer, but I read a post on Mac support about resetting the printer settings in the print utility, and restarting...and then the computer found the drivers immediately (so it was a Tiger issue, not printer).

    I have not set up my Windows system yet, but I will post again when I have.I have to say though, after re-reading some of these posts I think many people had issues because they didn't read the directions.Someone even complained that they had to "figure out" that network settings need to be manually configured before connecting the printer to the, it says that in the setup directions.

    My one disappointment was calling tech support when my system could not find the drivers.I was disconnected 3 times in a row while on hold, and it was only when I was mistakenly put through to Windows support that I was told that Mac support is closed on the weekends.So basically, instead of saying that in the "automated" directory, they kept putting me through to a dead-end (closed) department which kept dropping my call.Poor.

    Overall though, so far, so good.Print quality is excellent, and fast.The fax and copy work great...have not tried scan yet, and will report back on Windows connectivity.Should be interesting hehe.

    2-0 out of 5 stars hardware is good. software sucks! support sucks!
    After hours of going in loop with the software installer, my wife spent hours on the phone with Indian tech support that is smart enough to repeat the manual that we already read, hmm.

    As it turns out I figured out that you have to manually configure the network settings on the printer correctly before installing the software (no thanks to the HP technical support, man have they ever used their own software???)

    But wait there was more fun, the HP installation software could not find one it's files (hpmom.hlp) so you have to find it manually on the CD for the installer.Well, you get to choose one because there are more than one for different languages and boy the directory names like ENU, ESM, FR really help you oh.Oh did I mention that I picked ESM as English the first time, ooops!ESM means Spanish in HP's world, so I got the wrong language installed; no problem I thought, I'll just uninstall and install the right language. Hmm, uninstall does not uninstall everything, so after quite a few more hours I found I needed to remove things from the registry.Oh did I mention all of the useless time I spend with tech support trying to fix this?Oh btw, if all goes well the software takes about 30 to 1 hour to install!Lovely, I can install all of MS Office in less time.Are there any real software engineers working at HP or 1000 monkeys typing away to create their software?My suggestion, buy a Canon or Epson.That is what I pay in the future.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Im new at this but it works great
    Does take a few hours to read and set up. But it does exactly what it supposed to.

    But then how can you go wrong with a HP printer. Also dont forget to align the cartridges as per manuel.I didnt and pictures were off until i did.

    PS I called customer service on something and they got on the phone and fixed the issue better than DELL.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Good wireless network printer.
    This printer replaced my Canon Mp730 printer to be used as a wireless network printer for our 3 laptops.Network setup was easy and works great in this area; however, I felt as I took a downgrade from my previous printer.Software is bloated and causes all type of problems, even with all three being HP laptops, tech support is not much of help and no auto document feeder for fax or scanning.Regular text print quality is great, and photo quality is great as long as you don't use the HP papers, Canon or Epson papers highly recommended.Overall, I'm happy with using it as a network printer and have learned to live with other shortcomings.

    1-0 out of 5 stars Hours of My Life Lost
    I am a software professional, and if I wrote software like this I'd be standing out on the corner with one of those "Will Work for Food" signs.I'd have scraggly whiskers and a cigarette hanging from the corner of my mouth, and even if you wanted to help me, you'd basically know I was no good.

    Urghhhhhh! What a crappy piece of software!It is HUGE, takes over your system, disables non-device related software components, and then HP refuses to support you with an intelligile person or at all.Shame, shame on HP.Not great thoughts about offshore support countries, either.

    I spent 3 hours trying to get my "wireless" 2710 to connect and could never get past the WEP key.I gave up and plugged an Ethernet cable into it.Then I spent another hour installing the software on a single PC (it's HUGE).Then I printed a sample page.Then I scanned a document.Cool, other than having a wired wireless all-in-one, everything was working.

    What happened next was like gangrene.Suddenly, every time I restarted my PC, I got a warning that my Windows Firewall was off.I'd check it and it was on.Then, periodically, I'd get error dialogs from anywhere with a svchost.exe exception with pretty hex code.Then I couldn't print at all, or scan, or anything.Then it took 3 minutes and 45 seconds just to open a browser.Then my Adobe Photoshop software wouldn't work.Then it took over 6 minutes to start my high end PC each time.

    Luckily the Add/Remove Programs option still worked, so I uninstalled the 3 HP programs listed.Now everything is back to normal, except HP has about $400 of my hard earned cash, and I can't make any more because now I can't print a stinkin' invoice.Ironic.

    I should have read the reviews first.Gotta admit I screwed up there.If you're reading this and it's not too late then Run, Forest, Run!Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what offshore English-as-a-fourth-language 3 dollar an hour support representative you're gonna get.

    ... Read more

    16. Epson Stylus Pro 4000 Inkjet Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $1,795.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000YWRIY
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 8823
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Includes Epson Stylus Pro 4000 Printer eight 110 ml UltraChrome ink cartridges (Photo Black ink cartridge T543100 Cyan ink cartridge T543200 Magenta ink cartridge T543300 Yellow ink cartridge T543400 Light Cyan ink cartridge T543500 Light Magenta ink cartridge T543600 Light Black ink cartridge T543700 Matte Black ink cartridge T543800) users manual registration information. ... Read more


    • USB and FireWire interfaces, optional networking
    • 2,880 x 1,440 dpi maximum resolution, 3.5-picoliter droplet size
    • Handles wide-format media up to 17 inches
    • 7-color Epson UltraChrome Ink with 8-channel print-head technology
    • Prints on both sides without damaging the previously printed side

    Reviews (1)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Epson Stylus Pro 4000
    The wait to get this printer was well worth it!I love the speed and quality of the prints.I not all that happy about how hard it is to find paper in the 17" x 22" or 17" roll sizes.The other thing was finding ink cartridges and the maintain tank replacements. These items seem to be out of stock just as much as the printer.There is a little bit of a learning curve but in the end the pictures are outstanding and worth every bit of the current problems in getting ink and the maintain tank.I was surprise by the size and it does need heavy duty desk or stand.But again it works great out of the box and better once you learn how to use all the settings.I suggest if you get this printer that you plan ahead in ordering extra ink and other maintain tank if you going to do a lot of printing.Everyone that has seen the pictures are very impress and I had one person wanting buy a picture I was just showing off.This is a great printer!! ... Read more

    17. Epson Stylus R320 Photo Inkjet Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $179.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0002SRLNE
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 1789
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Superior photo printing with long-lasting results.

    Print great photos and CDs - no PC required! A fast, full-featured performer, the Epson Stylus Photo R320 makes printing brilliant, long-lasting photos a snap! Plus, it prints directly on ink jet printable CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, so it's easy to customize each disk with a cool, finished look.

    This versatile printer includes a color monitor to view, select and crop photos. Print from popular memory cards or PictBridge-enabled digital cameras. For beautiful frame-ready photos, take advantage of BorderFree™ printing. This ink jet even connects directly to an external CD-R or Zip® drive to save and print colorful moments with ease. It's all within reach with the Epson Stylus Photo R320.

    With up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi and superior 6-color Photo Inks, this printer offers precision color and detail, whatever the task at hand. And, whether printing stacks of photos or an important presentation, the Epson Stylus Photo R320 speeds through every project. With versatile, PC-free printing, brilliant image quality, and powerful performance, this ink jet offers a remarkable choice in the world of digital imaging. And, consider its convenient individual ink cartridges. When paired with Epson's high-quality, value-priced papers, it delivers a remarkably affordable, home photo printing solution.


    • Print directly on ink jet printable CDs/DVDs
    • Print great photos from your digital camera - no PC required
    • Save time with fast photo print speeds
    • Print borderless 4" x 6," 5" x 7," 8" x 10," letter and panoramic photos
    • View, select and crop photos before printing - all without a PC!
    • Connect directly to an external CD-R, DVD-R, Zip® or thumb drive to save and print selected photos
    • Enjoy convenient individual ink cartridges
    ... Read more


    • USB 2.0 interface, built-in preview LCD; PC/Mac
    • 6-color photo printing at 5,760 x 1,440 optimized dpi
    • Up to 15 ppm black print speed; 4-by-6-inch photo in as little as 39 seconds
    • Accepts wide range of digital-camera memory cards
    • Supports inkjet-printable CD and DVD media

    Reviews (14)

    3-0 out of 5 stars My opinion....
    I did NOT like the quality of photos that were printed on this machine.I returned this item and bought an HP 7760 photosmart (which was cheaper).I printed the exact same picture on the HP that I had printed on the Epson R320.There was a HUGH difference!!The Epson picture was grainy with a reddish tint to the photo.The HP photo was perfect.I would suggest foregoing the "novelty" of printing a label on a disk in exchange for better quality photos....which is what a printer is for.

    1-0 out of 5 stars prints OK - but I took it back
    I bought the EPSON R320 30 days ago for just under $200, it is now is selling for $20 less in the same store.I took it back because it is a stupid printer, the default settings baffle me, if you swap between 8x11.5 paper and 4x6 photos you never know how your printout is going look. The printer seemed to go into lala land while using it, had to shut it off and re-power on to get it going again (then I had to reset the settings for the type of print I was doing). The software supplied with the printer "FILM FACTORY" is worse then useless; it seems it was designed to use ink uselessly.I got better prints just using MSWORD or the Camedia program that came with my camera.The store (FRYS) took it back and I bought a bubble jet at same price, which so far is working fine.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Second Time around!
    I purchased the R300 as a floor model at a discount. Got some great full sized borderless prints of my scanned paintings using Photoshop 6 on my MAC G4, system 9. When I connected the R300 to my MAC G5 I had to use the older USB 1 cable rather than the shorter USB 2 which I hadjust purchased for use with this printer, because the USB 2 was too short to reach G5 cpu. I got those terrible lines, must have cleaned the print heads 20 times, downloaded the newest drivers, no change. I turned the R300 in and got a new R320 and a USB 2 cable. No more streaks! If you buy this printer be sure to get theUSB 2 (backwards compatible) cable.
    I was also able to import my Illustrator (8) created logo and paste (special) it into the CD label software and print onto the CD. Really a great printer for an artist who has to run a business to promot my art!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Yes, I Love It. . . It's Amazing!
    I've created an audio book and instead of paying someone else to imprint the CDs, I wanted to be able to do them myself, at my convenience, and/or upon the sale of a CD.

    When I first set up the printer, the disc printed fine but I had a hard time with the case wrapper which was full color. The colors were streaking and seemed over-saturated with too much magenta. But, alas, it WASN'T THE PRINTER's fault. I did clean the heads, however, and then I changed my print settings from CMYK to RGB. This great little desktop printer then polished the job off accurately.

    I'm impressed that for such a small amount of money I can have the ability to create my own labeling right here beside me and they look so professional!!And the CD case wrappers? Wow!

    I have two other printers, both HP - a B&W laser and an oversized tabloid-sized printer. The last little desktop printer was a Canon and it's been in the closet (I'm sure all dried up and obsolete) for many years. The electronic features on the Stylus R320 amazed me. With an LCD screen onboard, it's so easy to program. And, the separate ink cartridges are a plus. I just spent $58 for a color combination cartridge for the oversized printer, but now when this one runs low on one particular color, I can replace it for only $13 at the computer store.

    Hats off to Epson for this model. I hope to enjoy it through many many customers. Yipppeeee.

    Gail Gupton, Author, 'The 31-Day Diet of Spiritual Enlightenment'

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great Printer
    I purchased this printer primarily to print my digital photos.I am amazed at the quality of the prints when done on Epson's photo paper. Directions for the installation were very easily understood and went without a hitch.I definetely recommend this printer. ... Read more

    18. HP DeskJet 450wbt Mobile Printer with Bluetooth Card (C8145A)
    by Hewlett Packard Office
    list price: $349.99
    our price: $342.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0000D8HKB
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Office
    Sales Rank: 11116
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Deskjet 450wbt Color Inkjet Printer ... Read more


    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200-optimized dpi color resolution, 1,200 dpi black
    • Up to 9 ppm black, 3 ppm color speed
    • 45-sheet input tray handles a wide range of media types
    • Bluetooth, parallel, USB, Fast Infrared, and CompactFlash interfaces
    • PC and Mac compatible; 1 year warranty

    19. Epson Stylus R200 Photo Printer
    by Epson
    list price: $149.99
    our price: Too low to display
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0001FDPZ6
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Epson
    Sales Rank: 859
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Stylus Photo R200 Color Inkjet Printer ... Read more


    • Complete, easy-to-use CD and DVD face printing solution
    • USB interface, PC and Mac compatible, 1-year warranty
    • 5,760 x 1,440 dpi maximum resolution, 3-picoliter drop size
    • Up to 15 ppm color, 15 ppm black
    • Economical printing with 6 individual ink cartridges

    Reviews (52)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Excellent value, superb quality
    The photos from this printer are superb.I've used it to print wedding photos and announcements - I couldn't be happier.It's kind of surprising that it only costs $99.Thus far, I've printed approximately 40-8x11 pictures and 80-4x6 pictures and I've only had to change ONE of the six cartridges (although another one is almost on its way out).

    One tip... when printing, always open up the printer properties window and select the proper print quality (text, photo, 'best' photo, etc) AND paper type.It makes a huge difference.Although Epson suggests using their paper (of course they do) I've used cheaper photo inkjet paper with great results.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Not the best for disc printing.
    Being on a budget, I bought this printer solely for printing discs. Now that I've printed more than 300, I'm skeptical about the glowing reviews I had read before purchase.

    The word for this printer is temperamental. Going from power off to printing a disc is an ordeal, and the steps have to be perfectly executed. My tips: Make sure the disc door is closed, turn it on and wait for it to start up, open the door, put the disc in, and try to print. If you're lucky, the disc will print. If you're not, the printer will tell you to close the door by quickly flashing all of the lights. Close the door, hit the trash button, and wait. When it's done, open the door and try again.

    Having 6 ink tanks is a hassle. All six ran out at the same time, and when each of the color tanks sell for $14 at Staples, with black being MORE expensive, oddly enough, replacing them is a nightmare on the wallet. Be prepared to spend almost $90 to replace the tanks with Epson brand ink. I got through about 250 discs, and more than half were very simple black text with a small red logo. I also couldn't find a bundled 6 pack, so there was no discount there.

    Additionally, after 6 months, the R200 stopped ejecting the disc correctly. You'll hear the wheels spin, but the tray will go no where. If you don't help the printer eject the disc by gently pulling, the next job fails, and you have to go through the time consuming door close and wait ordeal.

    Having never printed on paper, I can't speak for the quality there, but with discs, the colors have been inconsistent. I'll print out 6 that are right, and the next one will have too much magenta, or not enough blue. I've had this problem with and without Epson brank ink.

    In conclusion, if you're looking for a low cost printer to print discs, look elsewhere. This printer is not worth the hassle.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Good news and bad news
    The Epson Photo R200 is a mixture of sweet and sour to be sure - you will have to decide what will weigh heavier for you:

    GOOD NEWS: 1) Boy, it's cheap. I got mine for $99 bucks, and that's pretty great for a printer that can do regular, photo, and CD and DVD prints. As far as function, it's one stop shopping; 2) It's easy to set up, and runs real quiet - Epson seems to have corrected the biggest problem with their previous printers: they were real noisy. The R200 is nice and small, very quiet, and prints reasonably quickly.
    BAD NEWS: 1) Epson seems congenitally inable to create software for their printers that is completely useful, or completely functional. The disc printing software is clunky and awkward, and the most useful feature - being able to nudge a label a little in each direction to get it just right - doesn't work. Making a label that is a step above a Brother P-touch becomes a real effort, since the software doesn't play well with a lot of fonts, or more than one inset graphic. In short, for professionals or small businesses there will be a certain amount of frustration and set up time required.
    BAD NEWS 2) The printer is confused easily, and doesn't recover well from a malaligned CD tray or paper misfeed. To reset the blinking lights you have to remove all media, close all the trays and drawers, and hit the blinking button, which don't seem to work reliably. Most times, it's simply faster to turn the thing off (closing all trays anyway) and reset it that way.
    I would also add as "bad news" the six cartridges - even though the prints are very nice. Epson's business model is cheap printers, and supplies that are a little pricey. If you shop around, you can get the cartridges for 12.50, but more typically they're about $15 - $20, coming out to easily $20 more to fully reload the printer than any other printer with two $35 cartridges.

    Unless you've got a high volume of cds or dvds to print, I would recommend another printer, specifically one of HP's excellent DeskJet series, which do excellent photos, and dual-sided prints, which the Epson doesn't do. If you need a CD printer, and don't mind a little aggravation for the functionality, the Photo R200 will serve up a decent helping of both.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Much better that I expected
    I myself have owned at least close to 10 printers.Together with the printers I have used in the workplace and tried at the stores; this by far is the best.

    1) Value wise, this is a sub $100 printers.It has a CD/DVD rack for direct to CD/DVD printing, borderless printouts, etc.

    2) I love the Epsons for pictures.Prints from other manufacturers tend to be pixelated.If you look closer, you can see the dots that made up the whole picture.Epsons looks exactly like a traditional picture as long as you use the right paper and settings.(Although there is no reason to use a printer now that you have all the great deals from Costco, Sam's (online upload too - after uploading go to the store and it is ready).But for unconventional sizes and school projects, wallet sizes, pictures to fit your frames... I still use a personal printer)

    3) Well, all the Epsons I have owned were as loud as a supersonic Concorde; but this one is a real surprise.With kids, my only time to work on the computer is late at night.This doesn't bother the neighbours at all.

    4) There are some commercial covers that are sold just solely to protect your printer's innards from dust. I was very impressed at the ingenuity of the design.The top paper rack folds up on itself and serves as a cover for the printer, so you wont need to cover your printer.

    5) It is fast.

    1-0 out of 5 stars my last epson... promise!
    I had the stylus photo 820 before and it went bad in a couple months and started spitting ink onto the paper rollers, which ruined every page I printed.I swore I'd never buy another Epson, but the CD printing feature reeled me in and I tried out this R200 model.I have the same issues others are having: the tray does not load properly so you have to do it over and over.The ink is STILL spitting onto the rollers, just like my last Epson, so it ruins about 75% of the discs that go through.Oh, and what did Epson say when I described the problems I'm having within a month of buying it?"Keep in mind this is a home consumer printer and has not been designed to perform bulk CD printing."Okay, so normal home consumer use is to print 10 discs and never use it again - I haven't even changed the ink yet.This time I'm serious: I'll never buy another Epson. ... Read more

    20. Canon i80 Color Bubble Jet Printer
    by Canon Office Products
    list price: $249.99
    our price: $229.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    Asin: B0001DBGSQ
    Catlog: CE
    Manufacturer: Canon Office Products
    Sales Rank: 4161
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Japan

    Product Description

    Sophisticated yet incredibly easy to use, the Canon i80 Color Bubble Jet Printer delivers a remarkable combination of high performance and portability ... Read more


    • 1-year warranty with Instant Exchange
    • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi color, droplets as small as 2 picoliters
    • Direct photo printing from PictBridge-compatible cameras
    • True borderless photo printing in 3 sizes
    • USB 2.0, IrDA, and direct port interfaces; optional Bluetooth

    Reviews (10)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Canon i80 - Continuing A Tradition Of Fine Printers.
    I've owned several Canon portable printers in the past, including the Canon BJC-70, the BJC-80, and two Apple StyleWriter 2200's (BJC-70 bearing the Apple logo). I've also owned several portable printers made by other companies, none really as satisfying as the Canon printers.

    I'm now using the Canon i80 (HP zd7000 & Windows XP). This printer clearly evolved from those earlier Canon printers, improving in some ways and not in others. On the positive side, print quality and speed is roughly on par with many desktop printers within this price range. Canon has also greatly reduced, and perhaps even elininated, the problem of the ink jets drying and clogging between print jobs (on earlier BJC models, the ink jets would dry out if the printer wasn't used for a week or so). And, unlike the i70, this printer comes with the multi-voltage power supply needed by international travelers.

    Other things have not improved. Like those earlier printers, the i80 suffers from paper feed problems, ranging from paper not feeding at all (unless forced), to multiple sheets of paper feeding at the same time, to paper not feeding straight. Of course, this is more pronounced with very thin or very thick paper (thick envelopes are especially troublesome, often only solved by sharply creasing the envelope edges before using). All this is more of a nuisance than a serious problem, so should not automatically rule out this printer from purchase consideration. It doesn't happen all the time, or even most of the time, and can be reduced with experience.

    The price continues to be high, especially with accessories often included with other portable printers (cables, battery attachments, batteries, and so on). If on-site portable printing is truly needed, requiring the purchase of accessories, I would have to recommend another printer with built-in battery. However, if one only needs to easily move a printer between hotel rooms, business meetings, or offices, the performance and convenience of the i80 wins out.

    Some things are a mixed bag. The case design of the i80 has improved over earlier Canon models. The paper holder/cover now completely covers the printer, protecting it from dirt/dust or while packed in a bag. However, at the same time, Canon switched that case from a neutral near-black to an oddball copper/tan color which doesn't match any computer I've ever seen. Of course, this doesn't really affect performance, but it is distractingly noticable.

    Finally, some things have gotten worse compared to earlier models. The i80 does not properly print some web pages in Internet Explorer without an external plug-in (Easy Web Print), which adds another IE toolbar complete with bright red Canon logo and buttons not matching other toolbar icons. Without this plug-in, the right side of some web pages are cut off. Canon either needs to reduce the intrusiveness of this plug-in or integrate this capability into the print driver as other companies do (the three other printers I now own handle these same web pages properly without a plug-in). Luckily, printing everything else with the i80 is entirely painless.

    In conclusion, all portable printers are a compromise offering portable convenience with some inconveniences. The Canon i80 is no exception. However, the inconveniences associated with the i80 are minor, easily outstripped by overall convenience and performance. As such, I can comfortably recommend this printer to any fellow road warrier.

    4-0 out of 5 stars This is a great little printer!
    I would recommend this printer to anyone who is looking for the convenience of having a good quality printer for trips when there is a need to work in a hotel room. The printer is small and compact and actually performs better than expected; it prints remarkable fast. The only challenge I find is periodically more than one piece of paper comes through the printer at the same time.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Canon falls short with Apple user
    A dual-purpose printer for traveling, works almost to my satisfaction. Printing 4x6 snapshots for friends does not interface well with my Apple PowerBook G4 with OS X Panther, however. Photos are blurry, out of focus, flat with the Canon program. Photos printed using Apple's iPhoto are quite acceptable - even up to 8x10 in most cases. A workaround can be done with Photoshop Elements, but seems a bit unnecessary with a product from Canon. A pricey printer, but functions quite well in my experience, and fits my requirements as all-around printer where laser quality is not an issue.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Canon i80 Perfect for Golf Outings, etc.
    I bought this to pack with my eMachines notebook because we take 40 guys to Myrtle Beach each October. I needed less hassle than carrying a bulky laser (I was using a Samsung ML1210), and something faster than an older inkjet. Do not compare speed to much older inkjets of 4 or 5 years ago -- this seems faster than my Samsung laser for one-off output. The black text printing is very quick for an inkjet. Posting scores and Team sheets should go rather quick. I do not plan to do color photos because I have less-expensive options. Size is about 12" x 7" x 2" thick -- perfect for packing away. Now I have EVERYTHING in one carry bag -- nothing to think about or lose. It does grab several sheets at one time every once in awhile. I can live with it if it doesn't become persistent. I just purchased the LK-51 Battery Supply to be truly transportable -- works 6 hours on one charge with the included Lith-Ion Battery. Printer needs USB Male A / Male B Cable -- order online very inexpensively (don't buy at local stores -- $22 or $30 is a rip-off for these; you can get them as cheap as $2 at

    5-0 out of 5 stars Great prints in a small package
    I just bought one of these little beauties and am very happy with it.It fits right into the case with your laptop or notebook so that it can go anywhere with you.Easy set up and high quality prints that are sure to please.Alot of added features that allow you to stitch together photographs and other little tricks.The price can't be beat, as it will be $50 more in an electronics store.The only hitch is that it doesn't come with a USB cable, so add $30 to the price tag. ... Read more

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